The Spiffing Brit

The Spiffing Brit
The Spiffing Brit

Hey all welcome to the channel

Content is mostly strategy games or classical games with many exploits
Name: Tom *Will accept being called Brit or spiffing
Location: UK
Occupation: Drinking Tea

It is great to have you all here and I hope we can make some great content


  • Mr. Muhammad Iqbal
    Mr. Muhammad Iqbal

    8:40 what a true brit

  • Jefferson Metzen
    Jefferson Metzen

    I'm going to drink my coffee with my American flag cup and stirring stick in protest of inferior and less accurate celsius.

  • Wardancer666

    This video is one for the history books... I really hate cheaters in any online game, but this was Epic shit for giggles! Can you do another one where you Uber cheat against cheating noobs? _O-

  • garry12777

    Coffee drinker? Did britain just explode or something?

  • Daniel99oslo

    DO NOT go to the part, I had to pay 50000 dollars in total for my visit

  • Siniestro

    iveco stralis..... proceeds to show a scania...

  • João Vítor Fernandes Dias
    João Vítor Fernandes Dias


  • Rob K
    Rob K

    im slightly upset you didnt edit the video to replace the youtube urls with a rickroll

  • Cupcake Comrade
    Cupcake Comrade

    how do you make the tea >> like i know hot water, i just microwave that for 2 mins and good nough. but i mean like, how much sugar, and how much milk. you love tea so much there obviously has to be some rules of consumption right?

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez

    Happy Nice Stuff! Great for kids’

  • Karry • 6 years ago (edited)
    Karry • 6 years ago (edited)

    Virgin Grox: Hates all organic life due to their own physical weaknesses Mega Chad: Literally just a blob with eyes and a mouth

  • Gjaeger The Game Hunter
    Gjaeger The Game Hunter

    does this still work

  • Damianos Play
    Damianos Play

    the spinning brit

  • Ericmyrs

    People like Spiff is why we pentest. He's also the kind of person who pentests.

  • Timothy Fraeyman
    Timothy Fraeyman

    The noobs

  • Blood Wraith
    Blood Wraith

    Well if you did play on a map with no water the AI would have given you more of a challenge and as someone also stated in the comments standard difficulty is not much of a challenge. Frankly the AI sucks on the Caribbean maps

  • Nathan McCauley
    Nathan McCauley

    :O ITS THE SPINNING BRIT! I always wanted this mod pack!

  • vr profesional
    vr profesional

    i have a problem of cheating on roblox

  • YMandarin

    why didn't this video go completely viral?

  • Le Défunt Sir De Mort Noire
    Le Défunt Sir De Mort Noire

    ah .... British people

  • Orestis Georgatos
    Orestis Georgatos

    You haven’t lived if you haven’t strapped a targeting computer on the two shot fat man

  • 64bitAtheist

    Every grenade. Throw them.

  • mattis joey
    mattis joey

    shut ur dog up

  • Ken T
    Ken T

    How odd. There is an increased amount of intensionally obtuse amoeba in the comments section for this video. Brit stated that he is playing in a PRIVATE server with VAC (the ANTICHEAT) turned OFF. (if you can't make a simple logical leap, the next sentence is for you) This is basically just asking for cheaters/hackers to play in them. Not only that, this was allowed with EVERYONE'S CONSENT (remember, CONSENT is VERY IMPORTANT) (EVERYONE meaning everyone in the server playing against him)

  • A L FI S Y A R
    A L FI S Y A R

    We need a sequel or remastered versions of this game. THIS GAME IS JUST A MASTERPIECE.

  • Lewis Antell
    Lewis Antell

    There's so much waffle going on here but I love it XD

  • SirenHound

    What if I were to start mixing coffee in with my tea? Is there a tea-coffee spectrum?

  • sizzo widehardo
    sizzo widehardo

    config error

  • nova infinity
    nova infinity

    It's called console command

  • Raffi Molero
    Raffi Molero

    4:41 *introduces lag switches* *shows aim hacks*

  • Kiddo Middo
    Kiddo Middo

    Alt title: one noob hacker vs noob team

  • Josh Hsoj
    Josh Hsoj

    That's a funny glitch. Does it work with mortars and possibly howitzers too.

  • Dark Phoenix
    Dark Phoenix

    the spinning brit

  • Lady Lexy Starwatcher
    Lady Lexy Starwatcher

    Morrowind: The entire reason that EVERY TIME I play a new game or have to reset my settings the FIRST thing I do is set jump to e and interact to space. Every game, every time. I even have to do it on later elder scrolls titles because my brain has just hard coded that since Morrowind was my very first firstperson game.

    • Lady Lexy Starwatcher
      Lady Lexy Starwatcher

      Also, I get f and r mixed up a lot because somewhere they swapped them in elder scrolls games.

  • Bacony Cakes
    Bacony Cakes

    Stupid question.

  • Brett Jariabek
    Brett Jariabek

    Just commenting to exploit the algorithm

  • Daniel Ceballos Jr
    Daniel Ceballos Jr

    A year late, but I love Jasmine tea :)

  • Tanner Austin
    Tanner Austin

    I did the same thing, but i won 15 turns after researching the whole Tech tree. I acutually clicked the pantheon glitch for 20 minutes, thus generating 20,000 science per turn

    • Tanner Austin
      Tanner Austin

      I also founded multiple cities to get more production towards the space race. Very fun

  • alexandre007opa

    I like how the city of Braga is growing in the middle of the pandemic

  • Charles Thorkildson
    Charles Thorkildson

    The reason cyberpunk 2077 isn't on trending game where it is because well It's full of bugs glitches and Explodes

  • Connor Gable
    Connor Gable

    I have no clue how you have not been sponsored by that tea company you love so much yet.

  • David Favors
    David Favors


  • Cpt. Ducky
    Cpt. Ducky

    This man needs to be banned from life he knows too much

  • Nick P
    Nick P

    Bugger me sideways with a teabag... That should totally be a new t-shirt design.... Lmao 🤣😂

  • Parlax

    Well it’s patch now


    Me sad not british relises im australian im british just dif country

  • Alec Canaday
    Alec Canaday

    I’m going to guess he gave up

  • DucK SnaX
    DucK SnaX

    Spiff getting flanked ... clever girl

  • J.T.

    I had to double take you just pronounced Graham like Gray-hawm and not like the metric gram, how do you think graham crackers are made?

  • Nicholas Maloney
    Nicholas Maloney


  • Horusromulus

    The Most AWESOME Game review ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Low quality No quality
    Low quality No quality

    the best ork song is "orkz orkz orkz orkz" sung by the ork boys when you click on them

  • LooserWasTaken

    Supress all Prisinor. Or I n t e r n a l s u f f e r i n g

  • SenorSexylicious


  • Gh0stKiller3


  • Clarissa Smith
    Clarissa Smith

    "The most fun you have isn't with the gameplay, it's with creating your character/creature." *looks at Sims 4 * Hmmm...

  • S6xybiscuit

    1 best unit “conscripts” how can you truly destroys 1 squad when 5 more are already arriving

  • Cornelius Cheese
    Cornelius Cheese

    TF2 (team fortress 2 not titanfall) is right now in a bot crisis I am posting this before finishing the video

  • Graham Stephen
    Graham Stephen

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      Francisca Beatriz

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    • Augusto Bartolmeu
      Augusto Bartolmeu

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    • Helena Anastasia
      Helena Anastasia

      This is not the first time i am hearing of Mrs Stephanie Williams and her exploits in the trading world but i have no idea how to reach her

  • pokey the gamer
    pokey the gamer

    You are the reason why online multi player games like tf2 not as fun any more

  • rooks

    imagine thinking you've come up with strategies when you are playing on prince.

  • Levitheslime Lol
    Levitheslime Lol

    Seems legit to me

  • Hardees

    Lag switch ahhh the fun times in halo 3-4 and reach

  • steelsmiter

    So you mentioned in this game how high damage gives great ragdolling. Another game that does that is Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. You can get an ogre with really high strength and decapitate cows from the start of the game with a rapier. Please do Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura!

  • Xmorph420

    Does it work on comments doe

  • John Allison II
    John Allison II

    I once made a battle mage that used spell sword and shield. It was pretty fun honestly.

  • Emile Jarreau
    Emile Jarreau

    I always knew asus was A-SUS company.............. lol