CAN YOU BEAT SPORE WITHOUT EVOLVING? Spore No Evolution Challenge Is A Perfectly Balanced Game
Hello there ladies and gentlemen today something magical is about to happen today in todays video! The Spiffing Brit today attempts to play the 2008 classical game that is Spore. A game so unique that it took miracle video game god Will Wright to create a perfect game that inspired a generation of gamers before the release of minecraft. Welcome to Spore! Spore is a evolution game where you start as a single cell object and as you eat, you gain DNA and abilities! The only issue is today we will be seeing if you can beat spore without evolving! That's right the spore no evolution challenge is going to be incredible! It will once and for all prove that spore is a perfectly balanced game which can for some reason be beaten by bypassing the core gameplay loop of evolving creatures to gain new abilities. And for some reason we are able to go from cell stage to creature stage to tribal stage to civilization stage and finally the space stage!
So today I show you how to Break the game by beating it without evolving! It is one very exciting video game challenge! So lets play spore!
If you want a copy of spore you can buy it on steam here:
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
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Title: CAN YOU BEAT SPORE WITHOUT EVOLVING? Spore No Evolution Challenge Is A Perfectly Balanced Game
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *Legs < Vibrating your way through the creature stage at 1mph*

    • Nigel Ray
      Nigel Ray


    • DarthSquid2

      I did it. I just made a worm.

    • Snake Chkn
      Snake Chkn

      @Will Angel Strong like

    • Will Angel
      Will Angel

      what's your opinion on Earl Gray tea

    • Lon Johnson
      Lon Johnson

      I was hoping to see how you beat the stupid space age, but noooooo, you won't do the one part that frustrates the tea out of me.

  • nadav shitrit
    nadav shitrit

    Philip died

  • Windigo

    This is terifying because he is basicly a giant cell

  • Lil Harm
    Lil Harm

    *mega chad has learned instant transmission*

  • kesinwonderland


  • Karry • 6 years ago (edited)
    Karry • 6 years ago (edited)

    Virgin Grox: Hates all organic life due to their own physical weaknesses Mega Chad: Literally just a blob with eyes and a mouth

  • Gautier Cole
    Gautier Cole

    Chinese government be like 26:08

  • Chilean Guy Fleegman
    Chilean Guy Fleegman

    21:12 , are you a Harkonnen?

  • belarus

    Ничего не понятно но интересно

  • Lawrence Zhang
    Lawrence Zhang

    alternate title: darwin hater vs Supreme t poser

  • jbskyfall

    They remind me of like base Zerglings from Starcraft

  • We Drop
    We Drop

    We really, really need spore 2

  • Deni fnaf
    Deni fnaf

    I did that chalenge when i didnt knkw english yet English is the 4th language i learned

  • ThePrimith

    27:30 So what you're saying is that the Space stage endgame is not Yorkshire Tea Gold.

  • sorcorer23

    hmmm "the mega chad brain is evolving" kinda means the game cant be completed without evolving

  • izuku midoriya
    izuku midoriya

    can u do hArdcore spOre whIch iS 1 LifE

  • Clarissa Smith
    Clarissa Smith

    Crocodiles be like

  • shadows mimic
    shadows mimic

    0:48 that thing got a pp ??????

  • Mila Morin
    Mila Morin

    Make gun

  • ɪᴛᴀᴍɪ •
    ɪᴛᴀᴍɪ •

    Wait... Will there be actually spore 2?


    In my opinion the space stage is the best stage because you can do so much

  • Ape Sibe
    Ape Sibe

    Short answer : No Next video, I saved you up some time

  • Luno Dawson
    Luno Dawson

    To get the the center I'm pretty sure you need a better interstellar drive. I've never been able to do it on 1-3. Idk about 4

  • Goose

    I keep seeing your spore videos in my recommended, I’m taking this as a sign to start playing spore again.

  • Man Of Memes
    Man Of Memes

    The cell stage, otherwise known as the 'PERFECT' stage *god i hope someone gets that*

  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C

    When will Spore 2 release?

  • Buffbud96

    I started a new playthrough lately where i'm basically the Grox... I. Kill. EVERYTHING! I've already made over 50 creatures go extinct in the creature stage, and in space stage, i'm gonna colonize every star system, and kill every other species... even if it means killing off my other species at their home planet...

  • Uszaru

    when i was young i played so much spore (only the cell to the cities) because i dont know how to change the language to portuguese (i didnt know english at this time) so i didnt know what to do now i know what "language" means so i changed hahaha

  • tristan woolworth
    tristan woolworth

    Crash bandicoot just wants death.

  • Swirl_of_StarFire

    Spore may be 12-13 years old, but damn the cutscenes are so well put together. The whole game is about creating the most random looking creatures, and the game somehow figures out how to animate every single one in cutscenes in a way that looks semi-reasonable. Not all games can handle working with custom characters, and some can't even figure out what to do with their own pre-made assets sometimes

  • Taz DeLucenay
    Taz DeLucenay


  • Taz DeLucenay
    Taz DeLucenay


  • Taz DeLucenay
    Taz DeLucenay


  • Foxtopus Creations
    Foxtopus Creations

    I thought it was gonna be Freddy Freaker not crash

  • Setup

    wait why the fuck did you not pick herbivore but you picked carnivore. it would make a lot more sense to pick herbivore since you can eat fruit and killing stuff with that garbage is hard lmao

  • Isaac sussman
    Isaac sussman

    I mean. Evolution is the itterative change of species over hundreds of successive generations and i am only a single generation of human. So beating the game without evolving is easy.

  • Sebastian

    If you make arceus yes because he’s god and he can’t evolve

  • Collin Prew
    Collin Prew

    This guy is definitely British guys

  • Saul master of stuff
    Saul master of stuff

    YoU shOUlD play SpORE 2 nExt

  • Shadowheart Art
    Shadowheart Art

    I think this is the first Spiffing Brit video that I've actually watched all the way to the end. Usually I get annoyed at the game-breaking shenanigans at some point - but for some reason this just had me laughing loud enough to wake the cat. I do believe I need to break out Spore again some time soon

  • Abigail Rius
    Abigail Rius

    he made the british empire

  • Marek Bong
    Marek Bong

    The small child was from Jimmy neutron you cracked me up LOL!

  • Daniel Brereton
    Daniel Brereton

    Is there really gonna be a spore 2?

  • ReneDrawsTV

    That Star citizen joke hurt man.

  • Ashtimus


  • Omegasutoraiki _
    Omegasutoraiki _

    We 100% need a more modern spore game. I could legit write everything down I want from each stage on individual sheets of paper. I might actually do that at some point. I basically just want each stage of the game to feel like it's own game inside a game. But instead of the way they did it in the 2008 game I want a more gradual feel to it. I want cell stage to be changed to Aquatic stage and have you start as a near microscopic creature and evolve until you can walk out onto land. Then have creature stage be you evolving your creature and finding new ways to hunt and find food as well as having every single body part have an upside and downside to them. I want at least a few planetary biomes like a plains, forrest, mountain, and dessert that would be nice. Having some parts do better in some biomes and worse in others. I would like tribal stage to be an intelligence survival thing where you yourself have to try and survive with your tribe and become advanced enough to make a town. Then I want civilization stage to be the part where you go into real time strategy game style and you basically play RTS version of civilization with a spore flare and style to the gameplay. Finally it would be awesome to have a mixed style gamemode to space stage where you are the representative and commander of your species when it comes to all space activities. So you can fly your own ship, go into an RTS mode for the fleet, and you can fly down to and land on a planet and control your character like in galactic adventures. But instead of loading into the world you just popped down and could land anywhere you wanted to and decide to get out and look around.

  • g munro
    g munro

    The spiffing brit: Conquers the world by giving people money. me: Makes all other cities extinct.

  • Fred Abrahao
    Fred Abrahao

    that epic is verry funny oh my god

  • Zoon Cookie
    Zoon Cookie

    i know how to be a omnavire at sel stag just go meat eating then eren mony and put the plant eating moth oin tada

  • zippee100

    One time in this i thought "why dont you just evolve"... im an idiot

  • Za Groovy Phrog
    Za Groovy Phrog

    Don't worry spiff, will wright's friend sean murray will fix pathfinding in the spore 2: pathfinder update

  • Coster Clan
    Coster Clan

    its the are you going to finish that cuasont kid

  • Lofi dude
    Lofi dude

    The part where carl wheezer interrupted your consort was the best part of my life

  • evanthememer

    its posible i have done it

  • Josh

    Almost through the whole video. I can't stop watching at this point and I have no idea how I got this far. Congrats

  • Nisrasha

    Mega Chad was perfect it is the world that wasn't

  • Callum Connah
    Callum Connah

    Putting very before unique = bad

  • Murpaderp

    hmmmm, i thought star citizen was canceled. oh well, im sure this is still a better investment than 5000 pound of cheeseburgers.

  • Mathieu Harrison
    Mathieu Harrison

    are you sure you are not playing a british invasion game?

  • SubwaySweden

    That seems perfectly logical.... I have seen a lot of people complete life IRL without evolving at all

  • Yoim Agod
    Yoim Agod

    That big ass orange thing looked like a discount crash bandicoot

  • Yo Know
    Yo Know

    I liked this video and Red Coats showed up at my door!

  • Yo Know
    Yo Know

    Mega Tyrone steals the mega Chad's mate! I love spore!

  • Karamatsu Matsuno
    Karamatsu Matsuno

    How the hell is your nightmare creature not semetrical??

  • North Strider
    North Strider

    Carl, Sonic and Crash... the creativity of people knows no bounds

  • Winter Whisps
    Winter Whisps

    Is nobody going to mention the part of the totem that was meant as conquered? THESE THINGS CONQUERED ANOTHER TRIBE.

  • bluekittyyt22 UwU
    bluekittyyt22 UwU

    in space and civilization stage hold down CTRL + SHIFT & press C and then type "MOREMONEY" and you get more spore bucks. or spore money. very simple

  • Gabriel R
    Gabriel R

    10:00 27:00

  • Jaim Diojtar
    Jaim Diojtar

    24:14 basically how socialist countries like argentina and venezuela control their people with "free money"

  • Official Xverzusz
    Official Xverzusz

    4:27 I fucking screamed

  • green flash
    green flash

    stock images

  • spy !!!
    spy !!!

    How on earth did you destroy a tribe with only small laggy slugs?

  • popRC XD
    popRC XD

    giant racoon?

  • Charles Carmichael
    Charles Carmichael

    Spiff be like. Ohh I am the fancy boy. No I’m not mocking him or sending hate this is a meme. A fancy meme.

  • Cat Poke
    Cat Poke

    Does anyone else have nightmares about the suns in Spore? They are WAY too big. Or the planet is way too close. Either way, it is, quite literally, nightmare fuel.

  • Cat Poke
    Cat Poke

    "Hopefully I won't get killed by a giant raccoon" but Crash Bandicoot is.. A bandicoot..

  • Noah Quillin
    Noah Quillin

    while you were stuck i realized there was a floating egg

  • Yeeteth Yoinketh
    Yeeteth Yoinketh

    5/10 didn't reroll the design until he got a pear

  • J M
    J M

    Stuck watching 3 ads before the video starts, so I'll just throw my assumption here. Seeing how the video is 30 mins long, there's a lot of hope here

  • leanderthaler

    how do you get food if you cant kill somewone

  • Blake Aaron
    Blake Aaron

    Is it too l8 4 da spore2

  • Clayton Wittman
    Clayton Wittman

    Im kind of offended he doesn’t know who Carl Wheezer is..

  • GrayCat

    "Were going after the children because they r the easiest to entertain and gain their trust." WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

  • Adrian Ortiz
    Adrian Ortiz

    Spore 2 is already created

  • MineManiac

    Someone beat it as a blind limbless worm so... Also there’s an achievement for it so... Yea we all already knew it was possible

  • Richiedoesmc

    I never knew how broken spores cutscenes can be if you don’t have legs

  • Alexander Leung
    Alexander Leung

    we should start a cult and start worshipping mega chad because he is perfect. lol

  • Idk Random
    Idk Random

    OK so it’s 2021 and there’s no sports too I hate it when ALgoners lie and you know I have a ALgone channel there’s not many videos it’s a crappy ALgone channel but I don’t lie to my viewers I don’t tell them to subscribe and watch only in my two one year old videos so when will ALgoners stop saying like subscribe and hit that bell button or else this spiders gonna crawl into your ear at night while you’re sleeping when will that happen because I don’t think it well anytime soon and they lie and seriously only ALgoners looking at this stop lying to your viewers and stop saying subscribe like and hit the bell button!

  • Feng Dylan
    Feng Dylan

    This was chaos and I love it

  • ffcdgf isback
    ffcdgf isback

    Fun fact: spore was made by EA so dont expect spore 2 to be cheap

  • Filip Frondelius
    Filip Frondelius

    Alternative title: How to play spore as a christian

  • Marcolaf

    next time try the blind vegetarian challenge

  • Sk games
    Sk games

    Mia ALgone creator

  • Sk games
    Sk games

    I agree that our ALgone

  • kairon156

    I had a meat eating cow in one game. 4 legs but 0 arms and... it caused some weird issues.

  • Aivijus Duoba
    Aivijus Duoba


    • samir krdzic
      samir krdzic


  • Missouri Reaper
    Missouri Reaper

    Omg there is a flying Carl from Jimmy Neutron in the game YES lol

  • Ben Amer
    Ben Amer

    I kinda thought spore 2 was coming out....

  • Artic Fox Fan
    Artic Fox Fan

    Dont do drugs and play spore kiddos

  • CZ Master
    CZ Master

    The star citizen reference...

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