Cheating In Video Games - Hacking Games Is Perfectly Balanced With No Exploits
Welcome to the ultimate guide and coverage of cheating in video games! Today we will be explaining all the best cheats and most famous cheats in video games. From exploits, aim hacks, spin bots and lag switches! All the top cheats will be covered! And who better to talk you through the perfectly balanced world of cheating in video games than The Spiffing Brit the king of exploiting video games and cheating to gain an advantage! Now it is no surprise that people focus on winning video games but there is a certain group of gamers who will do anything to win. They might even go so far as to wall hack fortnite or aim hack csgo! Cheats can come in many forms from getting infinite diamonds thanks to X-ray in minecraft to actually just lagging a game of warthunder! Anything is possible when you give a cheater some new software and create yourself a hacker!!!
So sit back and watch as the spiffing brit tests to see if cheating in video games is a perfectly balanced way of gaming with no exploits or if the fact asus wanted to give everyone wall hacks is insane!!!
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold and infinite money all in a fantastic montage. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
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Title: Cheating In Video Games - Hacking Games Is Perfectly Balanced With No Exploits
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    Plz ignore the lack of dislikes on the video... It's just me messing about with a new exploit and cheating ALgone :) All will be revealed in a few days Wow you added so many dislikes it went back up to positive dislikes! Amazing! You fixed my underflow cheat!

    • Dr. Lex Winter
      Dr. Lex Winter

      @The Spiffing Brit Please learn how to pronounce [TH] - hearing you fink about fings is giving me brain cancer.

    • LeoTehJester

      *I*_DDQD_ have never _ID_*C*_LIP_*heated* in a game!

    • Diego Izaguirre
      Diego Izaguirre

      @The Spiffing Brit random question but have you ever heard of WeMod

    • Pippinn1805

      @Nathan Carver to make the community feel better, much like some sets of automated traffic lights have buttons that don't do anything for pedestrians.

    • EyesOfByes

      11:50 Also, removing the sky files in RealRacing3 saves battery on OLED screens

  • Earl

    Why do you watermark some of the images you use, are you the copyright holder or is this to circumvent YT's algo?

  • derpina haha
    derpina haha

    my favourite way of cheating was in school: writing the answers on the old dusty black board and wiping them off a bit, so they are barbely visible and the whole class can cheat.

  • derpina haha
    derpina haha

    AH the childhood memorys of "motherlode" *sheds tear*

  • Dino Spumoni
    Dino Spumoni

    Do you purchase the rights to use stock images for commercial use, then add watermarks to them anyway?

  • Robert Giesbrecht
    Robert Giesbrecht

    The exploit section reminded me of the many movement exploits in bf4 from back in the day, and the noobs crying in chat that the poeple using them are using multihacks or macros lol.

  • Quite Indeed
    Quite Indeed

    My favorite cheat is when the good players use bad items and still do good, but of course not as good as they usually would.

  • Δаσ Αcid
    Δаσ Αcid

    here's a modern real world hack: claim you're trans >claim

  • Bealoan Shore
    Bealoan Shore

    When you cheat and find out just how many other people are cheating in the game and that's why your game experience was so bad.

  • Royal 47K
    Royal 47K

    csgo hvh ?

  • Gabe Sumner
    Gabe Sumner

    6:46 we now know where the nuclear apocalpse came from. It was from a burn so hot it literally caused a nuclear blast

  • Jackal1412

    "oh god, our thoughts" Sums up the last year, TBH...

  • joe dougherty
    joe dougherty

    When I was a teenager the only cheating I did was in socom combined assault, using ladders to get inside of objects or get outside the map and lock down choke points... I was counterd one day with a mini DDOS from someone using thr friend request feature that had zero delay and could spit out unlimited requests. Using a turbo controller could send thousands of requests to one player making it impossible to play the game.

  • Sunshine In Africa
    Sunshine In Africa

    he’s really running out of content

  • Laife

    i once managed to somehow team break with my friend on our 2nd attempt in csgo, it was very fun

  • Thomas Westrup
    Thomas Westrup

    I used to do map hacks in diablo 2 as a kid and all my friends did as well

  • Tim Solinski
    Tim Solinski

    We actually pay monthly for our lag switch. It is called Vodafone...

  • zippingspider67

    Ahh 'tea'

  • Kirigaya Kazuto
    Kirigaya Kazuto

    I used Inspect Elements, take that

  • Wardancer666

    This video is one for the history books... I really hate cheaters in any online game, but this was Epic shit for giggles! Can you do another one where you Uber cheat against cheating noobs? _O-

  • vr profesional
    vr profesional

    i have a problem of cheating on roblox

  • SirenHound

    What if I were to start mixing coffee in with my tea? Is there a tea-coffee spectrum?

  • Raffi Molero
    Raffi Molero

    4:41 *introduces lag switches* *shows aim hacks*

  • Cornelius Cheese
    Cornelius Cheese

    TF2 (team fortress 2 not titanfall) is right now in a bot crisis I am posting this before finishing the video

  • Hardees

    Lag switch ahhh the fun times in halo 3-4 and reach

  • Emile Jarreau
    Emile Jarreau

    I always knew asus was A-SUS company.............. lol

  • qwexy XD
    qwexy XD

    I exploited my shit phone in a BR game by walking through a mushy wall

  • 6'2Saki

    want to know your playing with a cheater/hacker? play COD Warzone, modern warfare multiplayer or COD black ops cold war.

  • Magic Fire
    Magic Fire

    If you cheat your just a degenerate and you death will most likely not be peaceful

  • Epikidtom

    9:36 This is why I dont play fornite.

  • Sleepy Ancient
    Sleepy Ancient

    Don't forget the tracking hacks: A program that detects where the opponent is and puts everyone's location on a minimap overlay. Those are also a pain to deal with.

  • Xsidon

    am i the only one here who never cheated in a multiplayer game? i just can't be bothered to go to such lengths for and imaginary result you know

    • Xsidon

      @budozero no i mean the result of me winning by cheating is in no way shape or form attractive to me. Mr knight in shining armor

    • budozero

      Nice to know its just the setup hurdle that keeps you from cheating xD I dont cheat because its pointless.

  • W.C.Ryder

    Yes I have cheated "without knowing"

  • samuel Jakob
    samuel Jakob

    The best dudes are GTA modders that actually only want to have a good time and dont annoy anyone on the server.

  • Diego Marx Weiller
    Diego Marx Weiller

    Oh god our thoughs made me spiff my tea.

  • EraXx Or sumthin
    EraXx Or sumthin

    i only cheated in a couple single-player games before realising that its not fun because video games are fun because of the effort you put into winning

  • Wanderingwalker 1990
    Wanderingwalker 1990

    Anyone remember the early days of PS3? When you could just slightly sever and attach a light switch, amidst the Ethernet cable inner wires.. Literal lag switch 🤣

  • Sonwig

    The most fun I have had cheating was using a hack client with my friend on Mineplex. I just used stuff like undetectable highjump, bhop, spider (I don't know how they didn't detect that) etc.

  • brodie morgan
    brodie morgan

    It's been forever since I've played a game with built in cheat codes

  • n _hito
    n _hito

    Hi, Brit - would You kindly do Warcraft 3 (*Reforged) PERFECTLY BALANCED???

  • Joachim Von Grimorium
    Joachim Von Grimorium

    i personally love bugs and exploits, it's really fun for me to look for and exploit a feature beyond it's original purpose. obviously most of the games i play just lets do it in single player or either the exploit is just a silly thing that confuses the hell out of my friends. i see the exploits as a personal challenges

  • Kadan S
    Kadan S

    I must admit, I am an avid TF2 hacker. But I do it only to kill bots and/or other hackers :^

  • SebiDieBiene

    guess im going on a VACation...

  • Mohanza Mohan
    Mohanza Mohan

    11:20 - 11:26 the best way to beat an exploiting player is to become a hacker made me laugh so hard

  • asharak84

    oh the memories of having a pc too slow to run counterstrike, and warping erratically around the maps during lan play on the student halls network. So dumb, so fun.

  • John M
    John M

    VAC is an imperfect solution and catches more innocent people than it likely should I know people who got down tiered only to get banned for "hacking" because they were too good for that tier... they didn't want it, others throw games

  • Onkel Pappkov
    Onkel Pappkov


  • Hannah Noell
    Hannah Noell

    "you may have encountered a cheater before" *Laughs in tf2 vet* *Cries in tf2 vet*

  • topbullseye

    did you know about the laser minigun in fallout 4 having unlimited ammo

  • ZenTeT

    i luv using exploits but not so much cheats. glitches are a good time as well. i onyl use this stuff on single player games anyways

  • GretchenDawntreader

    I feel fine changing a single player game. I played Skyrim and aside from about 50 mods, I also used the command line to give myself very high carry capacity, because I'd rather loot now and sort later. This isn't even a cheat or an exploit, as the command line and the commands it accepts are built into the game. It's just an extended options menu. Cheating to win against other players though, in my view, that's just not cricket.

  • OneLonelyBoi

    Damnit I thought he was gonna show us how to script our own hacks

  • DetectiveSketchy BaconHair
    DetectiveSketchy BaconHair

    Your existence gives me a programmer anxiety

  • Filip Claesson
    Filip Claesson


  • Wayne WW Brown
    Wayne WW Brown

    game genie do that count?

  • bodki malone
    bodki malone

    you mentioning jeremy reminded me of when I played minecraft with my brothers friends and remembered what coordinates to find them at...mined to those coordinates and strip mined...finding diamonds within minutes whilst he said he'd been mining for a while and hadn't found diamonds and wondered how I did it....I got diamonds before his friend...without hacking so that line with getting diamonds before you reminded me of that lol, thanks for the memory..

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung Valesti

    Don't shit on single player cheaters.

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung Valesti

    Nothing wrong with cheating in single player games, please elaborate in the title. Multiplayer cheating is not same as SP.

  • The VERDE Channel
    The VERDE Channel

    When I was 14, I used to play MTA Z, a copie of Day z for MTA, and me and a few friends used lag switches, to duplicate rare weapons we had.

  • KittenKatja Neko
    KittenKatja Neko

    Ehhh, you misunderstand the concept of x-ray with the concept of wall-hacks. Yes, wall-hacks either make textures translucent to see textures behind them or add textures masked to the object behind the wall. Either way, wall-hacks will not hide the wall textures and make other specific wall textures visible removing the concept of cullfacing. (this concept only applies to voxel-based games)

  • UnderhandDread

    6:44 "...and Fallout 76 players use them to see if anyone's still playing the damn game" Lol

  • KittenKatja Neko
    KittenKatja Neko

    It would be even better of a cheat if the name of the cheat is using an infamous program that comes back in every windows update and looks malicious in windows task manager but is harmless according to IT experts that can be found by googling that file name.

  • Brain Tingelers
    Brain Tingelers

    0:58 wasnt it called bluff?

  • KissMyAxe

    Most of us have messed around with hacks for fun at some point. The difference is most of us know when to stop, or when it's not cool to use them. Whereas full time hackers do it cause it's the only way they can win and they don't care if it ruins everyone else's experience.

  • Clean Potato
    Clean Potato

    He went from exploting to straight up cheating 💀💀

  • Doctor Jones
    Doctor Jones

    Not sure what's worse cheating in video games or this fucker's overzealous use of cringe stock images from google


    Hey, I am a coffee drinker and the only cheats I have used is the voice chat of supreme commander 2 to lag the heck out of the game, and of course a program that my computer thinks is a virus to access text chat as a spectator.

  • R K
    R K

    why don't you pay for all your stock photos? You receive payments from ALgone, why should you be exempt from paying other artists? Maybe provide your own photos? I think that's cheating that hurts other people, and you should be ashamed.

  • DragonSageSequi

    You know Spiff is a secret genius. By publishing this to the public, he is making everyone who wishes to fix these cheats aware of where and how you get them. How they're performed, and to the best knowledge on how the exploit is mechanically possible. This increased awareness despite people's opinions is actually bad for the cheat/exploit community as a whole while remaining entertaining for the fun.

  • ваша мать
    ваша мать


    • Sturges


  • Tommy Hellberg
    Tommy Hellberg

    Aimbot = Every single AI in every Arma game.

  • GrĪм RЄÂקЄR
    GrĪм RЄÂקЄR

    Tbh I'd probably use some of these on destiny 2 in trials of osiris...since that game mode is aids

  • Petro Vepryk
    Petro Vepryk

    I've also met the Aimer guy in the Planetside 2 once. About 20 of our NC guys were taking a control point inside of the room. Nobody was attacking us from outside, we were just waiting for the timer to finish. And suddenly we began dying one after another. I was revived, like, 3 times, changed location all the time, and was hit anyway. And kills were from the ordinary assault rifle. The name of the guy was, like, Chinavirusmaster, or something like that. I wrote in shout chat and everybody already knew what he was doing.

  • Frost 01
    Frost 01


  • Matkat Music
    Matkat Music

    Holy stock photo usage!

  • avereth

    There's some pretty great Dark Souls videos where people would hack it in order to roleplay specific unique boss encounters they thought up with unsuspecting players, including different phases. But the players had a chance to win if they were skilled because the hacker followed a ruleset on how to move and attack.

  • Caspers Alive
    Caspers Alive

    Tried watching this on mute....its just 100 stock photos with the watermarks sill on them....

  • Cobra

    Kinda like how this guy doesn’t want pay to remove watermarks on images

  • thesickness1992

    I am a Jeremy, and i feel personally attacked >.< lol

  • Tae kwon-Fox
    Tae kwon-Fox

    Þe Union Jack flag is backwards on your transitions.

  • cabronxno

    The only Hack I have ever used was 0.5Million Coin generator for Club Penguin

  • AegisHyperon

    You used neopets too Spiff?

  • Angel_Dust_The_Prostitute

    Cheating in games is perfectly ethical; UNLESS you do it in multiplayer, at which point YOU'RE A CLAUD!!!

  • The Consumer Drone
    The Consumer Drone

    Do you ever get the feeling its not a person making these videos, but rather an AI that has run amok and chooses to speak with a spiffing accent?

  • Tomáš Trmata
    Tomáš Trmata

    I love using aimbot, cries and suffering of people, who play against me and with me fills me with fulfillment. Speedhacks are also fun. Hitting somebody when using speedhacks is as hard as somebody hitting you when you using speedhack, unless you are using melee. Then you turn into horror nightmare.

  • Abdullah 2460
    Abdullah 2460

    Lol 😂

  • kamakazi gamer
    kamakazi gamer

    Hacking. . . - Hacking(with no exploits). . . U

  • Kenny Records92
    Kenny Records92

    i got a existential crisis back when progression was important 2014 mw2 almost 1000% on multi-player i called a modder that was spamming the nuke sounds for 30min a son of a bitch soo he reseted my stats to lvl1 again

  • Fledgling Bodhisatva
    Fledgling Bodhisatva

    6:47 😂😂😂

  • Indigo

    NOOOOO I plat CS:GO and really want to be in that video trying to kill you. But I left the discord because I didn't use it. :O

  • unknowntrojan

    i personally believe cheating in online games can be a very competitive environment, given you have a few skilled programmers finding out how to beat each other. a good example would be the old CS:S cheating/hvh community, as well as CS:GO's (although that one is incredibly more toxic than the old one ever was). I guess I can't really talk since I program my own cheats to play against my friends making their own. I despise legit/closet cheaters, and if I ever cheat in matchmaking its low trust nonprime wingman hvh or to troll around. However, I believe if a game is on your hard drive, you should be able (and are able) to reverse and use it to your hearts content, and ruining other's experience is your choice.

  • Elijah Marshall
    Elijah Marshall

    4:20 Me actually sitting here drinking coffee during this video...

  • Augerman

    Spiffing brit watching instructions. Step 1: skip the first 3 or 4 minutes of waffle Step 2: start watching the content

  • Timed Revolver
    Timed Revolver

    I cheat all the time in games. But only in single player. I'm not that kind of prick.

  • Ty Doyle
    Ty Doyle

    11:19 what game is that?

  • Nicholas Hartmann
    Nicholas Hartmann

    I use always circumvent the Anvil xp level limit In Minecraft.

  • Nicholas Hartmann
    Nicholas Hartmann

    Proof that absolutely no one pays for stock photos

  • silverisss

    I remember a game called Blacklight Retribution. It was an FPS game, with an in-built wallhack mechanic. It was extremely fun, until devs gave up on it

  • Kurigo

    I never hack/cheat in games, but i remember meeting some Russian bloke in H1Z1, he did hear that i speak with a German accent, and said: Hello friend, come follow me i have something for you, i thought he would rape me if i followed this stranger so i did follow him, and went to his shag... i could chose what ever i wanted, hundreds of top tier guns and armor. So the next day i was banned ... lol.

  • camwyn256

    I’m totally fine with cheating in single player as the only person’s experience you’re affecting is your own

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