Crusader Kings 3 IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - Making Money By Raiding!! #AD
Crusader Kings 3 / Crusader Kings III Is the latest entry into the crusader kings series and it is set to release in the next few weeks. The Developers have given me early access to the latest dlc Northern Lords game to record this gameplay footage and show off my favourite features in the game! We will be following the life of the count of the isle of man The dread pirate Captain Jock Sparrow who will be making money by Raiding the entire planet and world of ck3! By doing so we will become a legendary pirate and viking raider who will have infinite prestige and money! So sit back and enjoy this Pirate simulator which has been disguised under the name of a grand strategy game CK3! I loved playing CK2 and I am excited to be able to show off this next in CK3! But is this new game Crusader Kings 3 a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or is making money by Raiding so quickly I teleport overpowered! Well lets see what The Spiffing Brit has to show us today in Crusader Kings III
So sit back and watch as the spiffing brit tests to see if Crusader Kings III is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if the Becoming a pirate Challenge is broken!! How can you even Become Famous and prestigious in CK3 without doing any big achievement beyond raiding the entire world! What strange Strategy game exploit is this! Also featuring an Unlimited gold thanks to a gold exploit!
This video game exploit video will be jam packed with a best bits funny moments montage style of editing similar to that of Valefisk, Robbaz and RTgame. So sit back relax and grab a cup of tea to enjoy with the spiffing brit!
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Title: Crusader Kings 3 IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - Making Money By Raiding!! #AD
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *Get ready to watch one mans journey from Viking To a pirate who defies the laws of physics and can move at 1000 MPH* Next video either an IRL exploit or Evil Genius 2 OR Fallout 4! You decide friends!

    • Benjamin Rood
      Benjamin Rood

      Please resume the glorious story of 100 Stat Man in Ck3!

    • Pickle Tickler69
      Pickle Tickler69

      @Keebe The Kirby plush I hi

    • Lynaris Evershade Shadowfall
      Lynaris Evershade Shadowfall

      Evil genius ffs do that one

    • Toasty Shrubs
      Toasty Shrubs

      Evil genius 2

    • Nick Nevco
      Nick Nevco


  • Drakulv 666
    Drakulv 666

    Just FYI, this has been fixed with hotfix 1.3.1.

  • Hc2c


  • Calad Anarorin
    Calad Anarorin

    For those of us who want to do this with achievements enabled, which of those ruler creator options are necessary?

    • Drakulv 666
      Drakulv 666

      Just FYI, this has been fixed with hotfix 1.3.1.

  • Lorenzo Morris
    Lorenzo Morris

    ya know I recommend a MEGA CAMPAIGN from this exact save.

  • Kyrinson

    Really should have named that character "Emperor" so you could have the "Emperor of Mann" raiding the countryside.

  • Blaze2377

    wow 30 years for a single lifetime. Literally had leaders die in days before.

  • Jay Knight
    Jay Knight


  • Travis Houck
    Travis Houck

    Should have just called him Captain Jockstrap.

  • Jaroslav Štefan
    Jaroslav Štefan

    F for Jock

  • Orest Karpiak
    Orest Karpiak

    13:50 aaaaand it’s gone (balance)

  • Salty Ghost
    Salty Ghost

    i tried this and i instantly got destroyed by the french army despite doing what spiffing says? can anyone help?

    • Salty Ghost
      Salty Ghost

      @Drakulv 666 aahhhh i see thank you was getting really confused ^^;

    • Drakulv 666
      Drakulv 666

      Just FYI, this has been fixed with hotfix 1.3.1.

  • Henrik Mogensen
    Henrik Mogensen

    F for Captain Jock Sparrow

  • Pierre de Cœur
    Pierre de Cœur

    As a gamer, I got offered your videos as nauseam, so I guess that gives me the justification to criticize them, something easy, as I don't even have to see them because your SHOUTS about the "balance" and exploits is enough to put me off. Maybe it's because I'm an old fart from the times of Nétiquette who hates being SHOUTED at or because the first time I connected the docking computer in Elite on the C64,.hearing the Blue Danube sparked a 2001 almost mystical experience but I really feel that's a shame that your seem unable to enjoy the games in any other manner than putting them down... Sad, but hey, if that helps you pay for other stuff...

  • Konstanze Sanders
    Konstanze Sanders

    one eye, pagan, viking combat god, large dynasty.... Basically, Captain Jock Sparrow is Odin

  • Whyareall

    Ancom pirates Ancom pirates

  • Dead Russian Liberal
    Dead Russian Liberal

    His life is actually a drama about a godlike Viking warrior who couldn’t die in combat, so he drank himself to death, because he knew they won’t let him in Valhalla, despite all he has done.

    • marc murphy
      marc murphy

      Now that's depressing

  • Billy Bones
    Billy Bones

    Today is the day you omost captured captain jock sparrow

  • ikkelawl

    Spiff please no dont invade children

  • Yorkshire Tea
    Yorkshire Tea

    It's legit a great experience when spiff uploads

  • citem

    i tried this when raiding in france and i got attacked dont know what i did wrong. dont have dlc btw

    • Drakulv 666
      Drakulv 666

      Just FYI, this has been fixed with hotfix 1.3.1.

  • E.M.P. 339
    E.M.P. 339

    Me want Another 100 stat man run.

  • Samuil Dimitrov
    Samuil Dimitrov

    No one survived when you captured the random woman

  • Nathan Thanatos
    Nathan Thanatos

    Spiff: makes one-eyed character >Just look into this man's eyes Spiff, you glorious jerk

  • Charles Zorn
    Charles Zorn

    It seems every time I get my game modded like I want and working they update the game to a different version and some of the mods quit working with the new version or the game crashes because of the same reason. I quit playing for a couple of months thinking the updates that change the version would stop. Recently I decided to play again as I really like the game, but the same thing happened almost as soon as I got the game working like I wanted. It's really aggravating as I've never been able to finish a game. They got my money now I'm stuck with a game I can't play unless it's vanilla. I'll just have to play CK2 I guess, at least I can play a game to the end.

  • AnotherGuy

    ... half of this isn't even exploits... its making a massively op character in the creator. obviously you can zoom across the map like that.

  • Anonymoose

    F for Jock Sparrow

  • Undozed

    i like this stuff F

  • Cypher 2
    Cypher 2


  • WonderfulWino

    how to exploit by making a custom character. Really Lame.

  • NoSkillz

    here from the stream

  • Samurai Gaming
    Samurai Gaming

    Hes an August honestly far more overpowered than such stupid plebian things such as leadership

  • Darren Main
    Darren Main

    Why why why would you not sacrifice the pope lol that's life goals haha

  • Ceril Illusio
    Ceril Illusio

    ...Almost bought CK3 now... but still... my willpower to stay clean overcame this my next addiction and life destroyer. Peace!

  • Shamin Ahmed
    Shamin Ahmed


  • Ash Is God
    Ash Is God

    Yay I finally subscribed to the best British on ALgone. I think you meant mead.

  • Me Alexander
    Me Alexander

    This is not exploit, it"s quite realistic, it"s called strategy, advantages, balance is not actually realistic.

  • E A T
    E A T


  • Tom

    This reminds me of the anime Berserk. How he dominates the whole “kingdom” trough raiding

  • BaconBlight

    God dam I love spiffs CK videos, I am always left gasping for air by the end of them.

  • Sanches7557

    After such a glorious life he actually managed to live until 81 and drank himself to death - what a legend 👏 F

  • Chris Barrett
    Chris Barrett

    You, sir, have to be the worst pirate I've ever heard of... But we have heard of you...

  • DshStormDragons

    did anyone drink tea during this? i did

  • Kitty gaming
    Kitty gaming


  • The Longest Johns
    The Longest Johns

    Yarr Harr Fiddle Dee Dee

    • Max Buffkin
      Max Buffkin

      Is this totally accurate representation of history what ended up being the inspiration for Sipsco Game's sleeper hit, 'Har Fiddle Dee'?

  • blivvy

    My most epic ale from Sid Meier's Pirates: I named myself Jacque Moineau. I got every nation to award me the rank of captain. Then I got literally everyone - including pirates and natives - to hate me so much they sent pirate hunter ships after me at every possible location I could try and dock at. I had Indian Pirate Hunters and Pirate Pirate Hunters sailing out to meet me everywhere I went. Congratulations, you now know the French word for sparrow.

  • Heimvar the Apprentice
    Heimvar the Apprentice

    SD pirates best game ever or at least top 5

  • Francisco 500
    Francisco 500

    If Spiff became a Leader. He'll unite the whole world.

  • random random
    random random

    *when you accidentally beat the speed of time* me: HHMMM!?!

  • JustCory

    I loved Pirates! so much as a kid. I just wish there was a setting where you didn’t age so you could casually save your family and complete everything

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner

    norse are op

  • Francesco Fabbri
    Francesco Fabbri

    F for Jock

  • vagosnet82

    F for Cpt. Jockstrap Sparrow ...and tea.

  • Melodream



    Jock sparrow the great and terrible has such a nice mouth feel saying it,, also sound like an amazing kids book.

  • Yiğitalp Kargı
    Yiğitalp Kargı


  • SgtLine Racing
    SgtLine Racing


  • Ivan Popov
    Ivan Popov

    Um actually it’s pronounced Thora


    When you realize that Jock Sparrow The Great Terrible, exploits whilst great and immensely recognized is nothing to compared to Reanue Keeves's horse Glitterhoof who literally Became the Moon God.

  • Francesco guarda
    Francesco guarda


  • povisykt

    This is very funny video, as usual.

  • PixelMade


  • Havesh

    Ah, the good old eugenics simulator... Good stuff!

  • Nathan Kurland
    Nathan Kurland


  • Stephan Fiskers
    Stephan Fiskers

    I just did all this before watching the video. You are raiding so fast, that you just need to move to county, then move on RIGHT AWAY. You will have raided the county before you manage to leave it. 0 time wasted actually waiting in the county

  • Filmecke

    666 Men raiding Jerusalem XD

  • Patrick Dunkin
    Patrick Dunkin


  • Michael G
    Michael G


  • Kcrash

    Viking expansion made vikings perfectly balanced and doesn't allow me to get thousands of gold and men with ease

  • Nick Nevco
    Nick Nevco

    Siffco need to really sell TEA

  • Nick Nevco
    Nick Nevco

    French vikings are terrifyingly charismatic

  • loungekiller

    Paradox are smart to pay you. Great video. Makes me want to play the game.

  • Bud Gates
    Bud Gates

    Spiff: "yay paid to break a game, what luck" Game company: "eh, cheaper then beta testers!"

  • james mitchell
    james mitchell

    Hang on a minute I’m from the Isle of Man I felt a unnecessary pain when you mentioned it as a garbage province

  • The living Fedora
    The living Fedora

    Ah, jock sparrow the second most beautiful thing only second to Yorkshire tea.

  • jocka10

    oh damm

  • UntouchedWagons

    >Cristina gained the Trait Pregnant Hmmm I don't think that's how pregnancy works.

  • Dakota Brown
    Dakota Brown

    29:03 a little bit of Piraty heheh

  • Nic Paul
    Nic Paul

    Amazing! I need to learn how to play this game. EU4 vet here.

  • Vice

    F for Jök Sparrow

  • SquidgyMinotaur

    Like take a fucking breath or dint edit so quickly I feel like I’m on crack watching this

  • JJJBunney001

    Good thing you clarified that bit about you invading children

  • Frejth King
    Frejth King

    Jock sparrow looks like one of the grave robbers from count Duckula

  • Squid Coder
    Squid Coder

    "First, your return to shore was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement so I must do nothing. And secondly, you must be a pirate for the pirate's code to apply and you're not. And thirdly, the code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules."

    • Squid Coder
      Squid Coder

      Yoho Maties!

  • Thedude 21
    Thedude 21


  • Clayton Weyl
    Clayton Weyl

    Catch me playing a Viking who Varangian Adventures over to the Isle of Mann and lays waste to all of Europe.

  • Thot Slayer 420
    Thot Slayer 420

    of course one the ads i get is about abusing stats to exploit betting

  • Lost

    Ngl Captain Jock Sparrow lowkey looks like Davie504

  • Jono793

    We are House Sparrow. Lords of the Kingdom of Megaman Our words are: 'Bibere cervisiam tuus hic sumus.'

  • Ne0c225


  • Julien Romane
    Julien Romane

    What a guy 💪

  • CMDR Mawortz
    CMDR Mawortz

    you get pay to exploit games? so you are basically a gaming security expert

  • Cyricist001

    House Greyjoy "We are the best raiders ever!" Jock Sparrow: Behold!

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson


  • Wussy Hugger96
    Wussy Hugger96

    Yes, creative uses of game mechanics. Well done.

  • Brandon Collins
    Brandon Collins


  • Pedro Lobo
    Pedro Lobo

    I little late, but please! Continue with the world dominatiion!

  • The Grinning Viking
    The Grinning Viking

    This was the Vikings one simple trick for making oodles of money.

  • Dekodanex


  • Sean Kilpatrick
    Sean Kilpatrick

    I got excited for a possible 100 stat man return... now im just sad

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