HOW TO BREAK THE STOCK MARKET WITH ELON MUSK - Stock Market Is Perfectly Balanced With Dogecoin
Well its been an interesting few weeks for the stock market and wall street following the huge rise of r/wallstreetbets predicting the short squeeze on gamestop. The fallout from this event has created a crazy bullish market of chaos where the stock market has seen a crazy amount of infinite money schemes but more excitingly the rise of dogecoin and meme stocks. Now doge coin is just a meme investment crypto currency however thanks to influencers and elon musk the currency has been on a meteoric rise in price. So what does the elon musk dogecoin combo have to do with an infinite money exploit who knows after elon gave up on his own tesla stock and bitcoin? Find out how influencers can use the penny stock market to create millions and more important get ready for spiff coin!
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What is spiff coin? It is the leading fake crypto which is guaranteed to make everyone a virtual millionaire! In actuality #spiffcoin is just a great way to rick roll the internet into the latest investment craze.
So sit back relax and enjoy this Stock Market Exploit! How on earth can one english bugger beat the entire financial system using influencer economics!! All will be revealed in this How to break the stock market guide! Here you can learn how to invest with some perfectly balanced market manipulation!
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Title: HOW TO BREAK THE STOCK MARKET WITH ELON MUSK - Stock Market Is Perfectly Balanced With Dogecoin
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      Scott Nemeth

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      A R

      Looks like someone took your idea Spiff! Lookup “portnoy buzz”

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    DogecoinToOneDollar? Soon the meme will meme itself

  • Yaroslav Divin
    Yaroslav Divin

    But why is "market manipulation" illegal? The market is free, does it not mean I can do whatever I want?

  • Rogrinus Tv
    Rogrinus Tv

    Now doge is at 30 cents hahaha

  • Jack ALLA
    Jack ALLA

    First Games then the xbox pass and the Twitch exploit now the f-ing stocmarker????

  • H4hT53

    1. I bet someone has since made SpiffCoin "real" to profit off the experiment 2. I really appreciate the mental health message. Thank you.

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    Next Video: How to exploit People that exploit you

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    Dr Silverium

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    • Dr Silverium
      Dr Silverium

      when i look at it there are some grammar mistakes (meanwhile) and (bitcoin)

  • Joshua Armstrong
    Joshua Armstrong

    Here's what you did wrong, you named the coin after yourself. You should have named it after someone else. Like the legendary Dick! Dick Coin would have been way more valuable. Or Wang Coin! Or Willie Coin!

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    roblox fun

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      Pc freak

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    Rhino glass

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    Rhino glass

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    Justin Lindfors

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    nuya buisness

    I bought some gamestock and watched it crash down to almost nothing. If I can stay calm at -80% I think I can stay calm when it's been trading sideways for a few days.

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    N A

    Firesale incoming!!

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    Matt Wagner

    i clicked the link as soon as the vid started and was so confused

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    After 10minutes it becomes a pyramid scheme

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    I've tried telling his worshippers about his market manipulation, they're more blind than a potato bat.

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    Gingy The Brawler

    Quick someone make spiffcoin lol

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    Karnimo Moongaardrenner

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    Misfit Tempo

    I love that the moment the video ended I got two Ads, one for a get rich quick with an Amazon No Product trading company thing and another for currency trading seminars. I hate everything to do with the stock market, ALgone knows me so well lol

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  • Георгий Атомян
    Георгий Атомян

    Dude, you’re great. I went into this video scared that you’re one of those idiot influencers recommending investing in shit stock. Boy, I’m happy to see the opposite:)

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    pizza cat

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    Julia Lerner

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    Mathias Dequae

    As a Belgian i can say all of this is true

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    OG NA$A

    Your comedy bit is hilarious 🤣 Basically ur entire video.

  • Dingo

    I think you're wrong. I honestly believe the GME squeeze is far from over. It may take a while, but I'm sitting at a 300% unrealized profit from my $60 cost basis already. If it crashes again I'll just buy the dip. I don't give a shit.

  • Jamie Rain - Redflufflykins
    Jamie Rain - Redflufflykins

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