SimCity 2013 Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - The Worst Profitable City Is Broken
Welcome to SimCity 2013 the latest release in the sim city franchise that kick started the city building games that we now play like cities skylines. Today however we are playing the Sim City 2013 game that is now 8 years old and upon release was widely regarded to be the worst city builder and management game in the series. Today we will be making the worst city in sim city by not supplying residents with access to jobs, utilities like power and water heck not even access to food or fire services. This means the entire city will be a terrible place to live with bodies piling up on the streets. However thanks to some incredible video game design and balancing from EA simcity is broken and will still allow the worst city in the game to make great profit! We will be playing with all of the dlcs including the cities of tomorrow expansion that added perfectly balanced mega towers.
So is sim city 2013 a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if creating the worst city to live in is actually a profitable way of playing this city builder game! My goodness this really is broken!
If you want a copy of spore you can buy it on steam here:
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
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Title: SimCity 2013 Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - The Worst Profitable City Is Broken
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *So it turns out people are willing to move into an area with thousands of dead bodies on the streets, no jobs, no water and no food... AND STILL PAY TAXES!!! Classic coffee drinkers*

    • Dank Cats Memes
      Dank Cats Memes

      Spiff You’re not thinking ahead here. What if the people turn the bodies into coffee?

    • Dank Cats Memes
      Dank Cats Memes

      Sounds like A fun place to be honestly,

    • Jose Sandoval
      Jose Sandoval

      Sounds like all the Democrat run cities...

    • Lobster .e
      Lobster .e

      You are stupid because nissan leaf it have solar panel ! Your brain have a big issue the game is more smart🤣

    • skannerz22

      @Jorge Martinez it doesn’t work

  • James Watkins
    James Watkins

    In reality, Nissan would build the stations wherever they want, you'd pay for it, and there's no happiness buff.

  • Belisarius Cawl
    Belisarius Cawl

    In the grim sarkness of the far future there is no peace, there is only time for the Nissan Leaf Charging Station. Brought to you by Nissan.

  • OldUKAds

    I love how Nissan Leaf doesn't want you to connect its charging stations to coal power plants because you MIGHT just put 2+2 together in terms of electrification right now.

  • 6thstreetradio

    "Slam-douche" -- Spiffing Brit

  • Amuril X
    Amuril X

    Wow it's like Syria simulator 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Derek Dickinson
    Derek Dickinson

    I swear to christ you are the Anti-Biffa, cynical, sarcastic, and obsessed wit coffee instead of tea


    Naming A isolated terrible town Australia: Me a Australian: breathes in AAAAHHHHHHH

  • Jose Erensto Arevalo Vegas
    Jose Erensto Arevalo Vegas


  • Alucard GD
    Alucard GD

    nice call of duty 4 'all ghillied up' reference (for you who dont get it during the mission captain mcmillan says 'god look at this city...50,000 people used to live here now its a ghost town. never seen anything like it.')

  • Santiago Amado
    Santiago Amado

    Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee Algorithm hacked

  • roblox fun
    roblox fun

    i love you

  • Nat Wel
    Nat Wel

    This was my favourite Sim City game

  • God,memes,writing and guns
    God,memes,writing and guns

    *Me drinking coffee while watching* hehe I’m in danger-

  • almeyers1

    Funny funny funny!!!

  • Caique Lopes
    Caique Lopes

    Wooow, Edifico Copan is in Brazil, Sao Paulo, near to my house

  • R C
    R C

    No water? Then what do they use to brew the cofee? >.>

  • mathaeis

    After everything that happened with the launch of this game, all the garbage that I and everyone else dealt with, if you told me that at some point later I would have the privilege of paying money for a corporate-sponsored DLC, I would have applauded you for scathingly brilliant satire. I cannot believe that this is actually real!

  • Fortnite Cool
    Fortnite Cool

    I still play sim city 2004 deluxe on windows 10 after 16 years

  • MihitsTilozi

    Thanks to this video I have now been on a 2 month Sim city 4 bender. God I missed that game...

  • Luka Chance
    Luka Chance

    spiff has clearly never had a good capuccino

  • A Balloon
    A Balloon

    The logic fail that always bothered me was the fact that there are traffic jams in 6 laned avenue roads, but they disappear when you upgrade that into 4 laned boulevard road

  • Bartoc Blackwell
    Bartoc Blackwell

    The charging station powers the Nissan Leaf on the wind......

  • gect takhla
    gect takhla

    Alternate title: how to run a campervan park

  • m1k2a

    This is just the best video of this kind. I was laughing so hard.

  • Starbucks 4321
    Starbucks 4321

    You think this game is stupid and unrealistic? Yea you never played the mobile version

  • Benas Varanauskas
    Benas Varanauskas

    Drinking game: Take a shot with your friends every time you hear Nissan leaf charging station

  • WabbitRB

    Really? Australia is coping better then the UK at the moment...

  • djo lo
    djo lo

    sim city 4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Complex Gaming
    Complex Gaming

    2:39 when Cole is Australias largest export.

  • MrJam9203

    why do you put your own watermark over stock images

  • were 99 it
    were 99 it


  • Lukas H
    Lukas H


  • Panic At The Tesco
    Panic At The Tesco

    The least balanced part of SimCity is you can turn trash into money. Trash > Metal > processors > drones is $$$$

  • Nyran Stanton
    Nyran Stanton

    i think there should be a law that states single player or single player modes in games MUST be able to be played offline to protect the consumer.

  • playboi.jd.yesssir

    I wish I lived near a Nissan Leaf charging station so my wife would be happy with our marriage

  • Kirsty Walker
    Kirsty Walker

    This game wasn’t on ps4 that is a great way to stop people playing your game. What do you mean a perfect grid city doesn’t look good it’s not about the style it’s about the straight organised lines.

  • Bort Bort
    Bort Bort

    Simcity becomes a slumlord simulator

  • Vegan Albert
    Vegan Albert

    imagine drinking coffee CRINGE

  • John Q
    John Q

    Aside from lowering taxes, you emulated Democrats perfectly.

  • TheCod3r

    I'm drinking coffee, it's gooood 😁

  • bay beyfendi bey
    bay beyfendi bey

    Algorth time

  • Philome


  • joshua rooney
    joshua rooney

    Yorkshire tea is god tear tea..

  • WARRER 101
    WARRER 101

    Real talk isn’t coffee just caffeinated tea

  • ScytheNoire

    So he created a city in Texas.

  • Robert Govan
    Robert Govan

    Who hurt you? Can't I just drink what's in my mug, and you what's in yours, and we can start to get along?

  • Точно не дебил, поверьте
    Точно не дебил, поверьте

    My PC is too weak for Cities skylines, so...

  • cLuTcH BleacH
    cLuTcH BleacH

    Nothing like having a few beers and trying to flip the screen back to normal because of some simple editing 🤣

  • C-Puff Person
    C-Puff Person

    You just created the Judge Dredd universe.

  • Greater Than
    Greater Than

    You made Bronx in the 70s for coffee drinkers

  • flechett3

    So far this has been the best video game. I really wish there was a good sim life clone.

  • LegitScoper

    I hate EA

  • hazzaglynn

    as an australian, this video is hilarious

  • Ryan Etzel
    Ryan Etzel

    You have literally built Detroit.. Congratulations..

  • Danielle

    *the anime has arrived*

  • broadbandtogod

    I remember building a megacity but accidently erased the first floor while keeping the foundation The income then increased with 2000/h when I built the first floor again Erase and build again... now 4000/h I suppose they removed this feature... suppose

  • jrag1000

    This game died with Maxis.

  • Kyle O'Berry
    Kyle O'Berry

    Daddy Spiff!!!! *mouth foams* *starts convulsing*

  • TheKhaosDemon

    -Brought to you by: Nissan Leaf Charging Stations

  • zevin83

    Messing with the ALgone algorithm

  • A R
    A R

    7:56 it's powered by happiness

  • Mafiul Robin
    Mafiul Robin

    Nissan Leaf Charging Station run by "Solar power", that's why it doesn't need external source for power.

  • Alec Acosta
    Alec Acosta

    so no electricity no water tax evasion nice cars no one can afford you made a third world country city, congratulations!

  • TherealWinston

    if you look closely, the Nissan-Leaf-Charging-station has solarpanels on it that's where the electricity comes from....

  • Oliver Harrison
    Oliver Harrison


  • Max Young
    Max Young

    I really appreciate the city demolishing houses to make a fire break

  • Da Pontaguy
    Da Pontaguy

    Hey could you find some exploits in worms forts under siege?

  • pipo declown
    pipo declown

    Ah man.. I wish my town had a Nissan Leaf© charging station. My dream is for my town to have a Nissan Leaf© charging station.

  • Chips Zed
    Chips Zed

    this is the world the neoliberals want

  • Nate Collapse
    Nate Collapse

    City Skylines has a Multiplayer Mod what is working absolut flawless. So there is actually no point left to play this crap EA "game". ;)

  • J J
    J J

    Hang on, the developers of SimCity are still trying? Give it up lads, you lost.

  • frank w
    frank w

    it's like california :P

  • Pixie MacCarthy
    Pixie MacCarthy

    This game was so awful, it DESERVES this abuse. Absolutely DESERVES IT!

  • KirinTheProwotogen

    I never understood the tax system in SC Cities of Tomorrow, for some reason megatowers aren't tied to the taxes, they make money out of the people living in them and the shopping levels, that's how I was able to build a city with 0% taxes in every sector and still turn profit

  • fn station
    fn station


  • Tyxaar

    This is what we urban planners call a "slum."

  • Bigmac Nash
    Bigmac Nash

    Plot twist: its not a bug This is why Nissan sponsored, To show how happy they make people, without any other needs anymore!

  • Terence Da Silva
    Terence Da Silva

    your videos make my inner autist scream love it!

  • AustinAirCo

    Grandpa sits in the dark telling the kiddos stories about the *Old Starbucks* lol.

  • berta_mx 217
    berta_mx 217

    Pov: your watching the reason every British colony fought for their independence

  • voteZDLR

    the megatower looks like something out of Cyberpunk 2077

  • voteZDLR

    I spit my tea out when you named the territory "New Starbucks" hahahahaha

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler


  • F. Miller
    F. Miller

    He named it Austria lmao 💀

  • Dert

    It would've literally take less time getting rich the proper way than this. If you wanna see it. I'll show you how to properly cheese it.

  • MoonSaiyan

    "It will be one giant humans right violations, but my goodness, it's going to be perfect." spoken like a true brit lol

  • Elio Batista
    Elio Batista

    I loved this game not gonna lie.

  • TheKineticEffect Games
    TheKineticEffect Games

    So you've basically created Texas

  • nope nope
    nope nope

    sooo isn't that similar to Texas at the moment?

  • Q Bar
    Q Bar


  • KillerKitten753

    Ah I remember my most profitable city I ever made. Managed to get an arcology going full of people, I then made an entire city packed with nothing but factories. This dystopian city consisted of miles of traffic with people trying to get to their job in a dense smog filled city. Eventually a ton of the workers were getting sick, so I put in a single hospital. However no one had personal cars so there was just a long line of people tracking across the city on foot while sick trying to get to the only hospital where they’ll have to wait outside for days. My budget was also insane. Something like -$500K an hour, meanwhile making a few million an hour. It was incredible

  • fredCanal1

    Paid dlc...

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Texas right now

  • Martin Dawson
    Martin Dawson

    Well to be fair, you could get away with providing no infrastructure and having a low tax rate on Simcity 2000 & 3000. Well you needed water and electricity and you needed to fund road maintenance, but you didn't need to build fire stations, schools or police stations in order to attract folks to your city.

  • Matthew Robare
    Matthew Robare

    As a coffee-drinker, I'm glad I saw this video. You won't get me into Australia now!

  • timothy olsen
    timothy olsen


  • ljcuzza7 dragon
    ljcuzza7 dragon

    i live in australa

  • absolutless

    So trickle down economics doesn't even work in a video game. Amazing

  • Alex

    Simcity mobile is actual garbage its nowhere close to this, i love cities skylines tho even on xbox its good

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