STARDEW VALLEY Is Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - 1 Million Gold Bezos Amazon Challenge
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the fantastic game of Stardew Valley. As always today we will be asking if Stardew Valley is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits. Or if this is only the case when Excluding Unlimited Gold and item duplication. This game is fantastic it went from a basic farming simulator to working on stardew valley android. And even stardew valley multiplayer. This game has seen a lot even an active stardew valley mod community. Today however we will be finding some classically fun video game exploits. Most of these exploits have been around since the games launch and can be discovered when looking into the games files. In our case we will be using an exploit that allows us to make 1 million gold or just 1 million on day 1 by duplicating all the items we have at hand by placing them inside a chest. It really is that simple. All the spiffing brit needs to break this game is an exciting use of item duplication and video game exploits! So can we make 1 million on the first day!
This video is going to be packed with funny clips in a montage style of british humor!If you enjoyed this then check out my other 100 stat man and perfectly balanced game series videos!
It is also rather similar to Robbaz , Valefisk and RT Game in style of content!
So sit back relax and enjoy this stardew valley challenge with the power of Jeff Bezos and amazon farm! Can The Spiffing Brit Break this perfectly balanced game by getting 1 million in the first week or maybe get 1 million gold on day 1! Oh my what a challenge!
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Title: STARDEW VALLEY Is Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - 1 Million Gold Bezos Amazon Challenge
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *1 Like = Absolutely nothing because Beff Jezos already owns everything in the universe* Praise daddy jeff

    • Riley Berry
      Riley Berry

      All hail daddy beff

    • Jambicglort Pambicjlott
      Jambicglort Pambicjlott

      Me and a buddy speedran the game to the spirit festival then duplicated the golden pumpkin worth 2500g when sold through the shipping bin. We became millionaires the day after getting that pumpkin

    • DakSon Gaming
      DakSon Gaming

      Does this work on console?

    • su sj
      su sj


    • Nolan Wyatt
      Nolan Wyatt

      Elon musk is the richest

  • Raz

    Meh... what good is an exploit that requires an army of other people to help??

  • Wolflordy

    Spiff pretending to not work with his employees... But we see that energy bar ;)

  • Dustin

    I rather not do that glitch. Too slow

  • penguin

    This glitch is pretty common lol ive used it on other games

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire

    So this is the new glitch mm ok sadly I miss the solo chest glitch because I don’t have friends who want to play with me 😞

  • Liason Lee
    Liason Lee

    I honestly think that Jeff Bezos will do whatever you did at the end of your video. Not paying every work force by murdering them and run away to Cayman Island.

  • That Potato Tulk
    That Potato Tulk

    so many cabins! but how!

  • Rodrigo Ballon Landa
    Rodrigo Ballon Landa

    how do you find those exploits?? Do you have a life??

  • A Concerned Cow
    A Concerned Cow

    The funniest part about watching this was getting Amazon ads back-to-back through the video.

  • WanderingTea

    Praising Beff Jesos

  • Goodstorms Games
    Goodstorms Games

    Unbuying love

  • Tim ಠ_ಠ Banana Cheese Cake
    Tim ಠ_ಠ Banana Cheese Cake

    Me and gf we been duplicating treasure chests instead of the prismatic shards. 5000g each

  • Hailey Galbraith
    Hailey Galbraith


  • Deborah Ajao
    Deborah Ajao

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  • Rohboat9

    There is a much better duplication exploit which you can do with 1 person Hahaha. It generates thousands of the same item. People use it in speedruns

  • Bob Joe
    Bob Joe

    Isn’t there the glitch where you put your name as a item number and whenever someone says your name, it gives you the item.

  • Nonya Biznas
    Nonya Biznas

    Perfectly balanced

  • Adrian Rivera
    Adrian Rivera

    Need more civ videos my dude

  • MalAddict

    'UNION HELP' freaking sent me

  • Fallout 1234
    Fallout 1234

    Bruh here’s me with PG Tips from 2014 that I found at the back of my cupboard

  • Fiks Anzo™
    Fiks Anzo™

    In true Beff Jezos fashion when his mother sent him a parcel with a cake saying "don't forget me when you're a millionaire!" he didn't even bother reading it and immediately went to making profit off the cake. Amazing. Amazon.

  • [LGF] ELSRMadafacka
    [LGF] ELSRMadafacka


  • Korumann

    The only kind of employee better than an unpaid one, a paying one

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell


  • NotedNuance

    "We are going to make a special farmer" "Ah yes thats clearly Pitbul..." "Beff Jezos"

  • skorpikion

    How can you call this game relaxing?? It's more stressful than any of the jobs I had in my life

  • PsychoLucario

    "Don't sit down, that would invalidate your healthcare." Spiff gets the US Insurance system

  • Joseph Gitzler
    Joseph Gitzler

    you need to time the place and pick up at the same time then you can just hold the button!!

  • Cody Russel
    Cody Russel


  • Jim O'Brien
    Jim O'Brien

    I admire your work Beff Jezos!

  • Odin Wilson
    Odin Wilson

    Ya know who he would get along with... Graystillplays

  • Violet Viridian
    Violet Viridian

    Wouldn't mind seeing this applied to other games. I'm sure a horde of willing individuals ruin a lot of server economies. It'll be the WSB GMS stocks all over again. Would be kind of funny seeing actual people farm gold instead of bots just to do something big and ridiculous.

  • ceth2000 likes tf2
    ceth2000 likes tf2

    I want spiff to say 'blimey'

  • piss goblin
    piss goblin

    I love that beff jezos looks like a runescape bot.

  • MrSmashKab


  • Firesparq -
    Firesparq -

    The prismatic shard was hacked in. There shouldn't be a way for you to get that that early in the mines


    that's a whole lot of effort considering there are free public cheat tables available that give you infinite money with one click 🤷‍♂️

  • magic_cow

    welp gonna re install the game

  • Cameron Morris
    Cameron Morris

    13:34 looks so much like a consentration camp

  • Deleted Kingdoms
    Deleted Kingdoms

    Good to see the British making money from coal again.

  • Dean Webb
    Dean Webb

    Von Neumann called. He wants his machines back.

  • cjmvolcano 8
    cjmvolcano 8

    thought slave labour was banned lol

  • leveechan

    Gift Economy moment

  • DeusKs

    Не знаю англійської, але іноді дивлюся тебе) дуже хотілось би перевірити цей спосіб, але я не маю друзів 🙄 до оновлення я завдяки твоєму способу розмноження предметів через скриню пройшов гру в перше без проблем з грошами)) Дякую за твої відео)

  • Dejaime Neto
    Dejaime Neto

    That group explanation session looked waaaaaay too much like actually working with interns. Scary, really.

  • Emanuel Seibert
    Emanuel Seibert

    "I found a Geodude", best line in the video so far

  • Mf Vitt
    Mf Vitt

    this is the same way asmongold treats his subs tbf

  • Jenn G
    Jenn G

    This is ludicrous... I love it lol

  • Will The Speedrunner
    Will The Speedrunner


  • Thovic LP
    Thovic LP

    3Mil Money and he thinks about buying the World. Cute. DF is laughing too i guess. ;-)

  • Freddy M99
    Freddy M99

    youtube audience are perfectly balanced people with no exploits

  • Man Duck
    Man Duck

    F I S H

  • Victoria Martinez
    Victoria Martinez

    I'm in year 3 fall and I still haven't found prismatic shards!! (This is hilarious tho)

  • K H
    K H

    And here I was thinking the Joja route was soulless capitalism 😐

  • PokeTheMysticJelly

    "The best way to make money is to have money." Sad, but true...

  • Tom Varghese
    Tom Varghese

    now with diamonds

  • Flo Collins
    Flo Collins

    the only exploitation master that i accept and support and would not tax

  • satria Dicky
    satria Dicky

    So basically you just made JoJa #2. Nice 👍

  • Kaitlin Crane
    Kaitlin Crane

    In our tabletop Cyberpunk game, we made the evil corporation lord Beff Jezos 😂

  • 3ronØX

    I originally thought this was going to be the exploit of setting your character name to an Item ID and talking to every single person possible, but thats way to obvious isnt it.


    This is absolutely ridiculous and I'm *here for it*

  • devilmok

    speaking geodude caually

  • bill murray
    bill murray

    i filled my entire farm with barns of diamond duplicators


    Medical insurance bills spoken like a true british person. 😂

  • Ioana Bădoiu
    Ioana Bădoiu

    If only the interns listened more carefully. Spolier at 15:27 - Jezos reveals his real identity

  • Checkmate

    Those people are wierdly obedient. I would've expected them not to do the table thingy, not get in bed or something like that

  • Onionhorse

    Have he ever done this sort of thing in an MMO like Wow or FF14?

  • Megane Sans
    Megane Sans

    I like your channel because you like cup of tea.

  • Rank Chip
    Rank Chip

    One day Spiffing brit will be more richer than Jeff Besos

    • eins2001

      One day you will learn grammar

  • adam weslie main
    adam weslie main

    the classic is dangerously funny

  • Crim Zen
    Crim Zen

    They aren't just unpaid interns, they pay you. Talk about an exploit.

  • Legate Lanius
    Legate Lanius

    Country roads take me home.

  • Kenny Carter
    Kenny Carter

    I got fields covered in ancient fruit

  • Juicy Shorts
    Juicy Shorts

    I finally understand how the world works

  • Millie Faye
    Millie Faye

    Does anyone know if this works on switch?

  • Yoshi Man
    Yoshi Man


  • T h I c C B u R g E r
    T h I c C B u R g E r

    These aren’t even unpaid interns, they’re paying *you* to be the intern. That’s peak Amazoon

  • Brent Jones
    Brent Jones

    "Is perfectly balanced game with no exploits" hmm, something is missing here

  • Isaac Salzman
    Isaac Salzman

    Jeff Bezos divorced because he doesn't like unions

  • Tristan Jordan
    Tristan Jordan

    Developer(s)? Lmao

  • Dong Harvey
    Dong Harvey

    OFC a Brit creates a tropical-geode-plantation.. But then again, unpaid interns are not legally considered slaves in the US.. we totally banned slavery guys

  • Argie Gio Diana
    Argie Gio Diana

    This is the only thing in life that I can get rich.

  • Elan Georskey
    Elan Georskey

    Him selling the geodes breaks my heart a lil bit :’(

  • calvin lynn
    calvin lynn

    Spiff: “A nice relaxing farming game” Me: Laughs in volcano cave

  • IndustrialBonecraft

    This is why games like Skyrim put a finite amount of money in the hands of the NPC shopkeepers. Because people like Spiff exist.

  • Clitbake

    1:41 Greatest pronunciation on the current internet.

  • Ibrahim Gazzar
    Ibrahim Gazzar

    aaaa the classic content of spiffing brit

  • Marcelo Laser
    Marcelo Laser

    3 minutes into the video and Spiff is already cloning things. I

  • A Generic Moron
    A Generic Moron

    Correct me if I'm wrong but did that one dude use a glitch to spawn that first Prismatic Shard? I mean I think that's what he was implying and it's very on-brand for something on this channel but it was glossed over so quickly I didn't even realise it had happened.

  • vena

    i laughed out loud too much and I can't even explain to the people here in my house why lmao

  • Katarina Lukaszewicz
    Katarina Lukaszewicz

    This is great

  • Excitell

    are you going to be doing anything on Outriders?

  • Okieh

    thinks he created beff jezos but in reality he made OnePunchMan charakter!

  • Blaze It Ken
    Blaze It Ken

    Exploiting not only the game but his fans as well.

  • Blaze It Ken
    Blaze It Ken

    690 gold. Nice

  • Caleb

    You can literally duplicate every item that you can pick up, even fishes.

  • blivvy

    Day 1: "We can afford food" - "now, lets not get hasty!" Day 3: "Let them eat cake!" Day 5: "Nuke them from orbit... it's the only way to be sure"

  • Hekkler72

    You'd make a good African warlord.

  • Ryan Wagner
    Ryan Wagner

    Spiffs 2 mil following from exploiting ALgone is the greatest exploit of them all

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