The Complete Guide To Great Britain - 100% Perfectly accurate guide of how to Be British
Welcome to the ultimate 100% accurate and serious guide to Great Britain. In today's video you will learn how to be British by absorbing the ultimate knowledge of British culture, history, attractions and most importantly TEA! And honestly who better to explain perfectly accurate British history than The Spiffing Brit! The most British individual. We will going through all of the top British things today so make sure you have a cup of tea to hand as it's going to be one fantastically funny guide.
so just how ready are you for the complete guide to Great Britain!
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
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Title: The Complete Guide To Great Britain - 100% Perfectly accurate guide of how to Be British
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *So what do you all need a British guide for next?* P.s. thanks for liking a different type of content it was really good fun to make

    • Yharon

      you should do New Zealand next

    • Gabriel Batista
      Gabriel Batista


    • android sent by cyberlife
      android sent by cyberlife

      @Caleb Smith be a small but rich island with plenty of naval knowledge cos it's all you have to defend yourself from

    • Samuel Reed
      Samuel Reed

      A British guide to Europe (and how we're leaving)

    • Llian

      Loved it. Might need a guide to Britain’s overseas territories at some point. NI, Falklands, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, Bermuda etc.

  • Fr3qwnc3

    Who's here after the queen blasted Britain out of earth?


    They say Manchester sucks

  • Tilly Teasdale
    Tilly Teasdale

    as a british person i agree that this video is 100% accurate 🌝

  • Lord Therris
    Lord Therris

    As I brit I cam confirm that this video is 100% accurate.

  • A nuclear toaster
    A nuclear toaster

    I'm British

  • Truman Hanon
    Truman Hanon

    Is spiff going to get Germany to start World War three?

  • Truman Hanon
    Truman Hanon

    Cornwall and Florida will form a new country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when they inevitably get cut of from their countries.

  • Fin Lynham
    Fin Lynham

    I am the welsh child referenced to at the end, although I have evolved to teen

  • Rillian Grant
    Rillian Grant

    Didn't even mention Northern Ireland

  • Deadshot Daiquiri
    Deadshot Daiquiri

    Good tip for going to britian just nod and smile if someone moves out of way of something or something like that it’s our way of saying thanks

  • Aiw Aiwou
    Aiw Aiwou

    Welsh names... Think I understand why you cut this out. I like the one below. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

  • Geoff

    I'm British and I don't like tea

  • Free Chilli
    Free Chilli

    As a true blue Commonwealth savage, I can completely agree to this while sipping a cuppa of Yorkshire tea.

  • Knox Westmoreland
    Knox Westmoreland

    B r i t i s h

  • Grakulm

    p.i.s.s piss 😁

  • Deep Fried Coal
    Deep Fried Coal

    Britains largest export is independance days

  • Milligram

    I sent this video to my government. The sun no longer sets on my country.

  • Ryan Hammond
    Ryan Hammond

    i cant decide who is more british. you or shadowfrax

  • Ryan Hammond
    Ryan Hammond

    OK your got me. im guilty of calling it a teacake

  • Miss Teeeq
    Miss Teeeq

    Out of respect, I sat down with a cup of tea (*cough* instead of the ordinary cup of coffee *cough*) to watch this extinguished piece of work. Did not disappoint, laughed all the way through xD Really enjoyed the weather parts. I probably should've had the tea either before or after the vid... lmao Can't wait to see the German guide. Best wishes, Norwegian lass

  • Njog Muninn
    Njog Muninn

    I am french, i like this video, i don't hate english people. J'adore la façon qu'il a de dire "Pret à manger"

  • Adam Nunn
    Adam Nunn

    Edit* Complete guide to the posh parts of Britain.

  • Gem Bonham-Horton
    Gem Bonham-Horton

    P.s it's still raining p.p.s will it ever stop lol so funny 😄

  • a goat in time
    a goat in time


  • Kernelpickle

    I love how you’re actually British, but use a fake British accent in your videos. I may be American, but I’ve heard enough British English speakers to know when I hear someone with a working class accent (like yourself) is putting on fake posh accent. There’s one fing that gives you away sir, and we both know what that is.

  • L Dane
    L Dane

    As long as we're talking about the weather, where I live in Washington in america and we have four types of weather. Summer heat, months long mild rain, once a decade snow, and clouds.

  • W w
    W w

    You left out the part about the queen being german. Or is that in video on germany?

  • Chloe Harris
    Chloe Harris

    What about the excitement when our temperature reaches double digits (and I don't mean -10°)

  • Chloe Harris
    Chloe Harris

    You forgot the argument over sc-o-n-s and sc-ow-ns and jam or cream on first😔

  • zippee100

    As a British person I can confirm all is true except "It's raining."

  • zippee100

    I like how you say "Great Britain" and still use the UK flag even though GB has a seperate flag

  • Julie Rose
    Julie Rose

    I can confirm that it's raining in Swindon 😂

  • Liam the Lit Lord
    Liam the Lit Lord

    And you didn't even mention the terrible tyranny that is the metric system (*Cries in Cheeseburgers per Freedom*)

  • MrTXG

    So true (I am British)

  • Animator

    The British food & eating Guide Yorkshire tea bags Queen portrait Top hat & monocle Russel Hobbs Boiler Fish & Chips Greggs takeout Pret A Manger hot chocolate Spiffing Brit video collection

  • Byte of Gaming
    Byte of Gaming

    I was going to go to go to London last summer but then the pandemic hit.

  • Listener

    Germany is of course a glorious country. In fact we invented Britain although that project kind of went out of controle.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    Yes pls more complete guide to x

  • ReginaldFitzgerald

    "They are unified by having one common enemy" As a southerner, Spiff forgot that this enemy is, of course, the French. And, naturally, anyone south of Birmingham, who is French and in denial.

  • Chris White
    Chris White

    Ignoring Northern Ireland so hard, you didn't even mention it!

  • Coffee Mug
    Coffee Mug

    "if its on toast its edible" some British mother in a council house

  • Vugtis Mindog
    Vugtis Mindog

    @The Spiffing Brit I'm going to be honest. The more you describe the Brits make me feel that Filipinos and Brits have more in common. 1. Indifferent to each other cuz of language or dialect. 2. Tea is a must as oppose to Filipinos. Anything else can go but the Coffee. 3. Welcomes tourist 4. Alchohol fuel hooliganism

  • Sankha subhra Banerjee
    Sankha subhra Banerjee

    Indians are basically half brits

  • deus vult
    deus vult

    Step 1) Dont live in London. Havent seen a single englishmen there.

  • Seren Soriano
    Seren Soriano

    I have finished watching this video. And i must say, my Welsh heritage laughs at your tea drinking propaganda! Try and bring that muddy water towards me and my two castles, I dare you.

  • Franck Major
    Franck Major

    I thought you were talking metaphorically about wut's going on in my head. Britain seems to be a lovely place to live in! I want to go there. No, seriously, I'm mad enough to like it.

  • isaiah brakefield
    isaiah brakefield

    love it

  • Jonathan Hockman
    Jonathan Hockman

    God bless the Queen from an American

  • Bedroefd :
    Bedroefd :

    Turkey drinks more tea per capita than England =))

  • Józef Białas
    Józef Białas

    3:58 As an inhabitant of Swindon I feel offended :|

  • blvp2145

    You forgot Britain's greatest export that you have given the world. Papa Pig.

  • Matthew Legg
    Matthew Legg

    Your best video yet

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon

    Taking into account that the Welsh say they are Welsh, and the Scottish say they are Scottish, I'm English, not a Brit

  • fisher woelke
    fisher woelke

    Do we have a date for the leaving of the earth yet? Just wondering because I need to restock my Yorkshire rea gold supply

  • TP

    3:20 Ewwwwwww church

  • Evolved Monkey
    Evolved Monkey

    So you're going to do Germany? I'm looking forward to see how you judge us :)

  • CthulhuianBunny

    I'm starting to doubt your British credentials... You didn't arbitrarily pronounce the "e" in "derby" like it was an "a"...

  • ricaldos40

    💯% Yorkshire Gold Tea

  • ZyMu

    0:23 until whales or Scotland invent something amazing then we can call it a British invention

  • Hammerd Cow
    Hammerd Cow

    god save the queen

  • Veggeh

    *Bognor Regis represented as nothing more than a Butlins signboard* Sounds about right...

  • Epithonel

    I live in Bognor Regis, it's a shithole.

  • R. J. Lombardi
    R. J. Lombardi

    Complete guide? Where's Ulster? Oh it's in my mailbox in a form of a pipebomb made by IRA

  • Skooma

    As a Brit this is a perfect of snapshot of Britain.....we really don't take ourselves seriously. Thank you spiffing, I will personally buy you a months supply of Yorkshire tea gold.

  • Rouverius

    TLDW Version: Great Britain is a perfectly balanced country with entirely no sarcasm.

  • nice nice
    nice nice

    Bri'ish. I have now angered the majority of this commentsection

  • mister_egg man
    mister_egg man

    i am british and can confirm this is 100% correct

  • Alex Haywood
    Alex Haywood

    You should have mentioned that our mortal enemy is of course the French

  • sam inglis
    sam inglis

    It’s a bap sir nothing else

  • Med Sabry
    Med Sabry

    When will the germans video be dropped im excited 😆

  • Sherif Adel
    Sherif Adel

    You know what I think I like British people now

  • SAMurai2K

    Im Welsh but live on the English border so I may aswell be English. I'm still British so God Save The Queen and God Save the United Kingdom!

  • Simon Nyne
    Simon Nyne

    Pity Me is in England, though. Typical Southerner.

  • sam honor
    sam honor

    I can confirm this is true

  • Esa Ande
    Esa Ande

    Spiff ma goob, you realize you are pronouncing Preta Msmhrt Like the French do ...... just saying .....

  • Ant

    Tetley tea is better than Yorkshire tea - Change my mind.

  • jons angels
    jons angels

    I refuse to like a Yorkshire Tea Propaganda Channel, The Republic of Tea is superior to Yorkshire.

  • Jon Halftip
    Jon Halftip

    You gonna review us germans?

  • Nevergonnagiveafuck

    Pro Britain Tip: conquer a quarter of the worls!

  • Jupiter_Mane 55
    Jupiter_Mane 55

    1:22 lmao I live like 10 mins away from Grimsby xD

  • Killian Kane
    Killian Kane

    How to be British - take everyone’s things and say them things are yours

  • MrEast

    The spiffing Brit rocks

  • Allgemeinergamerskill

    I'm a german and I would love to see a complete giude to germany :D I liked this video and hope so see more of these kind :)

  • Chris Bache
    Chris Bache

    Only just caught this - brilliant!

  • James Dodd
    James Dodd

    As a professional Brit, I am amused.

  • Kube

    Spif, im dissapointed in you. Your channel is strengtening the stereotype that we Brits are all tea drinking, queen worshipping, posh people-- wait what? We are?

    • Adam Pippert
      Adam Pippert

      If you were posh, you would be drinking Fortnum & Mason and not the peasant swill that is Yorkshire. Don’t be ridiculous.

  • What's The Difference?
    What's The Difference?

    Do America.

  • Memeolt

    For Ireland

  • Stewart Bradford
    Stewart Bradford

    Here I am sat with a cup of Yorkshire Tea as the video starts 😂😂😂 pinkies up what what what.

  • Cosmic

    Please review the german culture 😂

  • Kiryl

    4:26... I'm from Denmark, we don't have those here

  • The Rose
    The Rose

    LOVED this video! Can't wait to see your roast of the U.S.!

  • Chris Tiedt
    Chris Tiedt

    So naturally the next guide is Britain Jr. Right?

  • Rocketchu

    7:38 If my leader was a bearded dragon id be totally fine with that

  • liquid klone
    liquid klone

    I've had tea cakes. That's no tea cake.

  • Jango1989

    You forgot about breakfast! The only way to haul yourself through the flooded fields of cynicism AND maintaining a stiff upper lip, is to consume a huge plate of grease with the first cup of tea of the day.

  • Supernova Leftover
    Supernova Leftover

    Some people say Brits love sarcasm, I can't see it myself.

    • Supernova Leftover
      Supernova Leftover

      @Mike.Litoris You're a sharp one. 😂

  • Stevesome1

    So he simply going to forget about Wetherspoons

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson

    I love how this slowly gets more and more out of hand

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