THE WORST EVER GIVEAWAY - Pringles & Xbox Create perfectly balanced Infinite Money Giveaway Exploit
Well today we reveal the greatest giveaway exploit by uncovering the ongoing pringles X Xbox giveaway which is currently ongoing. Now I have explained how to do the steam exploit and the xbox game pass ultimate exploit but today we are revealing a way to farm infinite money using this giveaway thanks to an exploit. Thats right we will be farming Xbox game pass keys and entries in the giveaway all because the person at pringles who designed this forgot to include any checks to see if any of the purchases are valid. That means anyone can win a free Xbox Series X and an Xbox Series S or just unlimited Xbox Ultimate codes and Xbox live for free!
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience. This particular episode was largely influenced by the fantastic content creator @Internet Historian as we decided to do a deep dive into this silly exploit!
So sit back relax and enjoy this Free Xbox Exploit! How on earth can one english bugger beat Microsoft and pringles itself and gain unlimited keys via the xbox game pass ultimate!!
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Title: THE WORST EVER GIVEAWAY - Pringles & Xbox Create perfectly balanced Infinite Money Giveaway Exploit
Last Xbox Video Title: UNLIMITED FREE XBOX GAME PASS EXPLOIT IS BROKEN - XBOX Is Perfectly Balanced With No Exploits
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *Who knew pringles were a source of unlimited money...* Todays video was a little bit different to normal and we had lots of fun making it so thanks for giving it such a wonderful reception!

    • TheLightSilent

      ummm the website now doesnt allow you to enter codes lmao error 100 the website also has a warning saying we are experiencing some errors most likely because this video got people to set up bot programs and shet to abuse the website that you highlighted to them.

    • Erdo jan
      Erdo jan

      Hey Spif, I noticed I get a refund from my trial gamepass. This means real free games if you cancel one day before the end of the trialperiode. Also I noticed I couldn't play the game anymore when I was logged in on my other account but I DOES seem to work when I log out and click Play. Hmmmm

    • David Johansson
      David Johansson

      Why go to the store at all? Did you not say that you can just vpn you house to a location in northen ireland, and enter for free? BORKED giveaway.


      @Windows XP I know this...

    • Fun With Minerals
      Fun With Minerals

      @jim bob Sir, your statement is so incomprehensibly stupid, you may just provoke spiff to respond, for once.

  • StoneColdMiracle

    I can't do this, the website is literally not working

  • Jakub B.R.D. Berdowicz
    Jakub B.R.D. Berdowicz

    BIG NEWS! This was the best giveaway ever created as I just got my free Xbox series X with this exploit.

  • Joshua Waller
    Joshua Waller

    Prawn cocktail flavor? *visibly shudders * they definitely don't have that here and thank God lmao

  • Corky 784
    Corky 784

    The first time i bought a pringles can i was searching for minutes where the code is

  • FiveKyler

    Along this same vein of "just print it on the container" trolli gummi worms has QR Codes that go to a website where you can get 14 day PS Plus codes printed on the back of bags

  • Matthew Barner
    Matthew Barner

    Algorithm Comment

  • Truman Hanon
    Truman Hanon

    Please no more free money please!

  • Jim_Ks

    I actually went and bought a can and I won a xbox series x

  • Richard Butt
    Richard Butt


  • roblox fun
    roblox fun

    im going to do this when i can lol

  • Honestly Owain
    Honestly Owain

    The thing is pringels will not watch this video and I think I saw recently there is another giveaway. Im going to go to the supermarket next time there is a pringles giveaway. This is overpowered. I have always wanted a get rich quick scheme.

  • Naturally Bad Gamer
    Naturally Bad Gamer

    I'm afraid its worse than you may have first thought. I have now gained over 8 years of xbox ultimate. I only looked at a few cans, and noticed, oh its the same kind of thing peperami was doing with their boxers give away. its a production code, so just move the last number up, and repeat.

    • Naturally Bad Gamer
      Naturally Bad Gamer

      @Cocolino it was working, not been on it for the past week.

    • Cocolino

      Is the site working for you? I tried to get a code for a few days but I don t receive one...

  • Krisztián D.
    Krisztián D.

    The website isn't working. I can't redeem my code.

  • Connor RobDobDobbins
    Connor RobDobDobbins

    Are they stillbcollabing today?

  • Triplecast Sleep
    Triplecast Sleep

    Spiff, kicking a company in the side: "I DO THIS BECAUSE I CARE, STOP BEING STUPID."

  • Lethal_Sh1zzle

    Aaa haydd tae drink 2litre o mntn deww 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 3:33

  • Molten Core
    Molten Core

    i have one of those cans. how do i get the code?

  • Alexander Mcpherson
    Alexander Mcpherson

    I get 'this field is required' message. Next to the recaptcha. wtf.

  • Amellia Kober
    Amellia Kober

    unfortunately people attempted this before in Germany and it has become an act of "Theft" to make screens off of codes and you can actually get in trouble

  • geekqueen2010

    The question is does it work the same way in America?

  • mynamejeremy


  • Klaeto

    This is common in Canada because companies making money from giveaways are Illegal hence "No purchase necessary"

  • louis connor
    louis connor

    burv this is fucked im holding one of these cans as this video gets recommened to me

  • Matthew Banham
    Matthew Banham

    The real exploit here is that you can set up a youtube channel entirely devoted to 'what I buy at the supermarket' and write off your weekly food shop as a 'business expense'

  • Ben Thomas
    Ben Thomas

    1 month game pass ultimate is £1

  • ThereR 15Letters
    ThereR 15Letters

    This is like that "Glitch" in EVERYGAME that gets posted to ALgone and PATCHED So I'ma assume; I'ma month L8.

  • Water B-G
    Water B-G

    Just... hypothetically. Anyone know where you can submit the codes if you're in say... Canada? Like I said just Hypothetically.

  • Captian Morgan
    Captian Morgan

    I looked all over when this video came out and never saw any of these for sale. Did they pull them off the shelf quick or was it only in certain areas?

  • Luc Brink-Morrison
    Luc Brink-Morrison

    Do you need to make a pringles account

    • Sh4dow


  • parma bernice
    parma bernice

    My opinion: "This has helped me out!" “ ClaimCode.Life” Final conclusion: “I'm glad I tried it.“ 4:19 -Lord Buddha

  • BlairSantos

    The website says I need to keep the can/package, so don't think ithis would work.. guess they fixed it

  • Brandon Winger-Air
    Brandon Winger-Air

    In Canada you had to submit a photo of the receipt on their website for a 14 day pass with a limit of 2 or 3 I think

  • JayZX

    @the Spiffing Brit , Each years (When a new call of duty release) Activision do a collab with doritos and mtn dew. Buuuut On the doritos bag the code is outside, soo 2xp illimited, i did it 2 years ago and i still hgave some 2xp lol

  • Kesona Fyren
    Kesona Fyren

    The Pepsi Fever Lottery killed at least 5 people via a similarly basic mistake

  • Jizri Blokland
    Jizri Blokland

    I bought a can. I had Xbox live for 1 week, redeemed the code and I had Xbox ultimate for 1 full month and an extra week of live :)

  • Linus_kristian

    I found my new favourite channel:D

  • Norman Renk
    Norman Renk

    Very impressive. But can you exploit bank accounts ?

  • Brady S Williams
    Brady S Williams

    What about the newegg shuffle 🤔

  • Bruh Moment #2
    Bruh Moment #2

    fuck yeah lads we get it for free get rekt england

  • Ashleigh Carpenter
    Ashleigh Carpenter

    I have a can on top of my fridge since my sister doesn't like easter eggs (make her feel too sick). Does this still work? I don't think I have the receipt

  • Critical Thinkers
    Critical Thinkers

    I found a new job.🤣

  • Max SMoke
    Max SMoke

    Can you do one of these on cryptocurrency?

  • Aaron aka HanZ
    Aaron aka HanZ

    Doritos puts their codes for Call Of Duty on the outside of the bag

  • Heika

    8:54 In the US you don't have to make a purchase to enter giveaways either

  • Nulve

    I know you said not to ask. But I need to know why you have that photo on your pc

  • Lord Muushii
    Lord Muushii

    Is it me or pringles does taste like plastic?

  • Daniel Causton
    Daniel Causton

    commenting to keep the algorithm happy

  • Daniil Golevtsov
    Daniil Golevtsov

    well it says acces denied for me lol

  • xxmitchxx11

    Its pronounced Xbox Series X, NOT Xbox X.


    i remember joining hte giveaway

  • Simon Aylett
    Simon Aylett

    Is this the reason why the damn website is crashing every time I try to enter a code? I haven't managed to enter 1 yet without an error and I've probably brought around 10 cans. 😡

  • LangeManGlenn

    This of course only works if that damn Pringles website would actually function.

  • Naing Oo Htun
    Naing Oo Htun

    *Cries in Australian*


    Wtf happened to his voice

  • Gingy The Brawler
    Gingy The Brawler

    Pringles what the fuck

  • Mr Trickie
    Mr Trickie

    I've never seen so many watermarked images in one video. 🙈

  • Oranges Mor
    Oranges Mor

    Eventually he is actually going to rig an election...

  • TraceguyRune

    Proof of purchase wouldn't work because UPCs are the same for every can

  • j3ff Jefferson
    j3ff Jefferson

    Who else pees in the shower?

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    Bought four cans, all four codes already used :D

  • GlockKay

    Why would you tell them?!

  • GlockKay


  • MattLong6

    I feel bad for the people nwho buy the Pringle cans and then find out that their code has already been used :/

  • Ronaldo Eric
    Ronaldo Eric

    Xbox is really desperate. GG microsoft Gg

  • Ferox Schattenwolf
    Ferox Schattenwolf

    You also could get from "Computer Bild Spiele" (cbs) free games in a simular way... but the Company died 3 years ago.

  • Jack Gerbich
    Jack Gerbich

    Isn’t it ironic how the convicts for your country have out smarted you.

  • trotter2099

    That is amazing

  • Earnest Jonah Daniel
    Earnest Jonah Daniel

    They simply could have printed this under the paper seal on the top ....

  • Raghav Bhatnagar
    Raghav Bhatnagar

    We can

  • Will Sutherland
    Will Sutherland

    2?? ,/ m, ,m

  • ArchDuke


  • cypher


  • That Guy
    That Guy

    i did this with pizza pops. got about 7 15 day trials.

  • Cuba

    I saw this in store and started laughing how stupid some people can be

  • Alexandru Paraschiv
    Alexandru Paraschiv

    In Romania the vendors would scan and use all the codes before they even hit the shelves :))

  • TehJumpingJawa

    This is ridiculous; Pringles' website is still completely fcuked.... can't even enter LEGITIMATE codes....

  • Other_accoun919 Yeet
    Other_accoun919 Yeet

    Why are my codes not working?

  • It'zAy G
    It'zAy G

    bruh F u someone has already fkin put the code man u just lost 2.49 cents fk my life

  • IceyBonG

    I used it. I have to admit i realized that its possible but i was too lazy to buy any more pringles

    • IceyBonG

      Besides the fact that i look like an absolute idiot taking pictures of the underside of pringles cans in my local supermarket.

  • KrKyoutube

    My commented post is gone from 4 days ago. Anyway i bought some pringles at sale and saddly the page was already taken down and could not insert code to try out some games fro free. No intention if getting them perm, if i like a game aka want to continue playing it i buy them, usually GOG or Steam as can not do it direct anymore to max support devs like i used to. Most games i buy under discounts and sales, but the games and devs i realllly like (almost all indie or small team devs) i always buy at FULL PRICE .

  • Mathew Lee
    Mathew Lee

    They've closed the promotion

  • Nij R
    Nij R

    Spiff is fixing the economy one exploit at a time. Robbin Hood style

  • DannyDoDar Gaming
    DannyDoDar Gaming

    12. Entrants may submit 1 entry per day during the Promotional Period and may win Max 1 Xbox Series X console per household and receive Max 2 Free 7-Day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial’s during the Main Promotional Period (see clause 18 for further details).

  • Noa Ceder
    Noa Ceder

    Tea is overrated By Amaricans

  • ivan janka
    ivan janka

    I bet Spiff won't pin this comment

  • Nock Nock
    Nock Nock

    Knowing spiff, he got this video idea just so he could write off his gin run as a business expense

  • CzHa

    if you were to do this.., Don a mask and clothing, become faceless, show nothing but clothing. And huzza fuck the corporations.

  • Hisao Nakai
    Hisao Nakai

    Hello internet Is anybody able to load the pringles site (where you enter the code) I just get a white loading circle with a red background I've tried using multiple devices but it never loads

  • Happy

    Pringles: free giveaway Spiffing Brit: exploit go brrrrrr

  • RAJU Mondal
    RAJU Mondal


  • Jonas

    British discount version of Internet Historian is too accurate of a description. Edit: to be clear, that’s a compliment 😅

  • Kernelpickle

    Well, I had a feeling that code was on the outside of the can for legal reasons. I’m pretty sure the laws are the same here in the U.S. where you can enter giveaway contests and stuff like that promotion without being required to make a purchase in order to enter. They wanted to stop people from paying to win, and it’s usually just a matter of mailing a letter to someone or sending an email requesting entry, and they send you confirmation. This was probably just an easier way, and if anyone called to complain that their code didn’t work, they can just give out a new one.

  • Noah ALTREKY
    Noah ALTREKY

    Really I say even 100 euros is worth being a Pringle wierdo

  • Andrew Dalton
    Andrew Dalton

    The pringles website just crashes on me or says I need to wait an hour between uploading codes although I've tried waiting days and new email addresses and it invalidates my code each time I try this.

  • Daniel Awesome
    Daniel Awesome

    "Master Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing in that box?" "Sir, exploiting this fight."

  • uupdown2

    It says entrants need to complete a challenge. what's the challenge?

  • EliteX

    They are giving Gamepass code on v drinks in New Zealand

  • Rhandy

    Surely they could've put it on the lil foils like they did with litteraly every other giveaway they had

  • Raimonds Matisons
    Raimonds Matisons

    @The Spiffing Brit If you think Uk Pringles is broken, than look at Latvia Pringles. You don't even need go to the shop and take a photo. You just can register your email and get a code. Use google translate and try it yourself.

    • Nicolo 2524
      Nicolo 2524

      I don't find It can you give the link?

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