Hello there ladies and gentlemen welcome to the wonderful city / nation builder / management game called Tropico 6. I must say I love this game it is great fun! Many would say that this is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits. However, today I will be using the wonderful import and export trade only challenge to unlock the power of infinite money which I promise will 100% not imbalance the game. I mean what could go wrong with stacking modifiers to achieve a 100% discount on a trade deal. Who needs to actually have an island industry when instead you can just import everything and sell it off at a higher price. Using this method we will be able to break the game and achieve infinite money from trade only. Thats right we wont be dealing with a tropico 6 war. Instead we will be a pacifist society of traders!
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
So sit back relax and enjoy this Tropico Exploit! How on earth can one english bugger beat this tropical tycoon city builder and gain unlimited money and infinite cash!! All will be revealed in this tropico 6 gameplay montage where in this tropico gameplay we unleash the greatest money glitch!
Huge thanks To Mr Undercover Broccoli for first suggesting I should look into this:
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Twitter: @thespiffingbrit
Title: TROPICO 6 IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - Excluding Infinite Money From Trade Only
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *Why produce anything when you can buy it for free and sell it at a profit of 150%....* Good lord this game is so broken! Anyway stock market video on saturday and youtube exploit next friday :)

    • Louie Cohen
      Louie Cohen

      @Maximo Gregory Awesome! It took about 10 mins but it actually worked!

    • Maximo Gregory
      Maximo Gregory

      i dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my gfs Instagram account using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

    • Robert Ramsey
      Robert Ramsey

      Hey spiff. I got a challenge for you! Try to break jurassic world evolution's economy!

    • Clément Goldys
      Clément Goldys

      Bonjour, as in the last Tropico video, back in 2019, you said that you didn't have any french viewership, I'm still here since CK2 and statman god it's been quite the journey

    • Scrub Chan
      Scrub Chan

      I'm quite sad RT's custom map wasn't used

  • Lob City
    Lob City

    Dropship game is strong

  • Romnix

    We need to exploit our way to the top From Belgium

  • Felix Jancik
    Felix Jancik

    I heared you have only 3 days of summer in England. You say it jokingly. But you mean it.

  • Ken Christensen
    Ken Christensen

    I cant find that first building ?? That Cyber thing

  • Mister M
    Mister M


  • Grandpa Sez
    Grandpa Sez

    This is sheer genius, I have done some of these tricks, but "Spiffy" really showed me a number of things I did not know. Now Tropico is no longer a game of constant toiling and building for me, it has actually become more fun. I can hardly wait to try this in conjunction with tourists, that should be a real hoot!

  • Nicolai van den Boorn
    Nicolai van den Boorn

    Bump up comment

  • Darkstar Photography
    Darkstar Photography

    so i found a way to get infinite wealth and infinite Swiss money please read on to find out more. step 1 if you are starting in cold war or earlier when you want to advance to modern times do not do the 500 tourists on the island route. filthy tourists will use any hotels and in the best case scenario we would demolish all middle class tourist infrastructure to make way for the uber rich tourists however demoing said middle class infrastructure causes the game to not spawn the 6 celebrities. solution go to modern times by developing nukes or stealing a wonder, preferred choice is the coliseum. step 2 build the farming infrastructure for three cigar factories (6 hydro farms->3 cigar factories) set those factories to provide for local market. step 3 research the airport step 4 near the coast build the following 6 luxury hotels build these in a cluster and off to one side build a fire station, metro and fast food joint . set the fire station to cat in tree mode burger joint to free delivery and max the budget for the metro. build the ministry and hire the capitalist economic minister (+7 to the performance of buildings on max budget) build 6 yacht clubs a day spa and a detox clinic.finally after all that is built the last thing to build is the airport set that to luxury flights step 5 set the workmodes for the day spa and the yacht clubs to the following. yacht clubs set to Mucho importante (2nd mode) and day spa to scalpel and champagne step 6. max the budgets for all entertainment buildings including day spa and detox clinic step 7 with this configuration the tourists will first go to the yacht clubs then to the day spa, then finally to the detox clinic. step 8. wait until the radio calls out the celebrities. the two you want to stay around are Brittany T and jose fuego step 9. when these two do come in wait for them to spit and give them a positive spit back now they can be housed in super villas step 10. when these two celebrities are housed employ Brittany T doing Luxury Patronage and Jose Fuego as professorship. step 11. now here is where the game starts to break Luxury Patronage funds 4%, then 8% and finally 10% of the wages and upkeeps of all luxury entertainment buildings. day spas count as luxury entertainment therefore one could build these and get compensated for the wages and upkeeps of these buildings. jose fuego can increase the speed of graduation for university students. the connection here is that Jose fuego provides the educated workforce needed to " run " the day spas we will be spamming and Brittany T provides the compensation for all of those people. in order to exploit this build 24 day spas set to scalpel and champagne and max the budgets for all those buildings next build modern mansions set to Upper Upper class. you will have around 120 filthy rich people after building all that not counting anything from the industries you built up prior to this. if all this goes well Luxury patronage should earn you close to $1 million dollars into the treasury ( look under revenue then Misc revenue.) to earn unlimited Swiss money the fastest way is to use the tropican papers edict ( 15% of whatever rent a filthy rich person pays is sent to your swiss account.) here is the math for 120 filthy rich people staying in 120 villas whose profit is $320 rent per villa. 320*120= $38,400*0.15=S$5,760^12=S$69,120. you read that right 120 filthy rich people paying 15% of their super villa rent can net you S$69,120/yr if you are playing without Lobbyistico you could literally be a multimillionaire presidente with a multi million dollar treasury to boot all off of luxury patronage and Tropican Papers. thank you all for reading this guide to Uber wealth and Uber swiss wealth with Celebrities, Extremely high end tourism and Edicts.

  • M K
    M K

    So basically you have created the Netherlands....

  • Das fünfte Rad
    Das fünfte Rad

    this game was made by the Rothschilds - for sure

  • Extra Spicy Pickle
    Extra Spicy Pickle

    This is actually Singapore..

  • Louis Antonio
    Louis Antonio

    So you created.. Singapore? Lmao

  • DY4Y

    You literally just reinvented capitalism...

  • Dragonzaka

    Tbh not much worse than selling 8c tshirts for $60

  • BigDaddyFlynn

    Arbitration at its best

  • Kevin Monsen
    Kevin Monsen


  • Chip Turing
    Chip Turing

    Completely unrealistic... the UK has a surplus of shellfish

  • Xing Shen
    Xing Shen

    The insidious ashtray acutely blink because wrecker conversantly steer despite a placid saturday. thin, legal guitar

  • Mr. Kill4Pink
    Mr. Kill4Pink

    Electric Hybrid!!! 😂😂😂

  • Mr. Kill4Pink
    Mr. Kill4Pink

    I love it 😂🤙🏽

  • AndersPlays 4710
    AndersPlays 4710

    Funny video

  • Brenden Williams
    Brenden Williams

    This Channel rocks.

  • Grimbold

    Basically it's a dropshipping sinulator on a global scale

  • Alexander Reyes
    Alexander Reyes

    So you are the person who ruined Venezuela!

  • Nigel M.
    Nigel M.

    Theory: its not broken - it's just money laundering!

  • Xing Shen
    Xing Shen

    The disgusting banjo lamentably like because latency equally detect amid a rare volleyball. woozy, stupendous brick

  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey

    Also it would be interesting to see you do a Mini series on one of these tycoon games to see how much you can break the the game and build your empire

  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey

    Fr fr though spiff, you should do a video going though all the little details as to how us viewers can help you break the algorithm.

  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey

    Spiff we shall always be here as your algorithm breaking army!!!

  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey

    I watched till the end

  • Amipotsophspond

    this is realistic because the companies selling you the goods are hacked and think they are selling it for more, also the companies that are buying your goods are also hacked and think are buying it for less. so in the real world what this would look like companies that sell or buy from you going out of business every now and then for a lack of money they thought they had. when they go out that makes a void in that industry and so they are replaced by new companies. the fix for this and how the real world corrects this is you would eventually get a bad international trading reputation, where no deal with you is trusted no matter how good it seems. to fix that you would need to pass the goods threw front nation. that you would eventually bring down their reputation too. a interesting note about the shell fish, if you have a item that can not be sold in the US because of regulations such as the fish from a area are toxic, what is done is the toxic fish can get sold for less then value to another area, that area then pretends that it it caught the fish or made the good, and because it's from the clean area, it counts as fresh goods. this is done in real life trade it can't really be stopped as it's 2 jurisdictions and impossible to enforce. sting operations have been done with putting trackers in the pass threw goods. because fish come from any one that catches them it's one that you just need a independent person to be the fisherman. when they are put in jail they are just replaced.

  • Travis Su
    Travis Su

    Not even producing goods, and just moving them in and out? Sounds like every tax haven on Earth

  • Alvin Hoh
    Alvin Hoh

    Venezuela: The US has imposed sanction on us. Quick! Export our weapons to Tropico at $0 to save our economy!

  • Dil Deal
    Dil Deal

    China simulator

  • The Vibes gaming
    The Vibes gaming

    Due to tax evasion profits are through the roof

  • Anomen

    Other game NPCs: Sell high, buy low. Tropico NPCs: Sell low, buy high.

  • The Doggo
    The Doggo

    "The rebillion has failed, lovely" -Spiffing Brit 2021

  • Musical Studios
    Musical Studios

    Dont mind me, im just being an awsome comment thst for some reason you have bot liked

  • fishpop

    Don't think we haven't noticed the fanart versions of the stock images used in these videos.

  • Tipperty

    Tropico 6 the Jeff Bezos of trading games!

  • Iartchi

    How did you get that certain trait cause I got the game and it didn’t come with it?

  • Bender 24k
    Bender 24k

    Congrats on 2M! Your content is superior. Cheers from New York.

  • a a
    a a

    Global Capitalism 101

  • Hahaha hah
    Hahaha hah

    Just gonna comment

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas

    I wasn't expecting the wholesome message at the mid point. Deserves another mug of tea

  • OlafttheGreat1998

    I love how this is basically SimCity but with the ability to commit tax evasion and market fraud

  • A Literal Bird
    A Literal Bird

    "This now means ladies and gentlemen we receive any imported good that we've import we get for 30% cheaper prices."

  • Артём Анатольевич
    Артём Анатольевич

    I have a feeling this is real-world strategy of many countries. Belarus did such thing wile the trading wars were on top after the Crimea campaign, for example.

  • Oğuz Alp Esen
    Oğuz Alp Esen

    you can put anyone you like in jail in turkey also.

  • kyle McBurnett
    kyle McBurnett

    Well done

  • Parth Tank
    Parth Tank

    Makes me laugh everytime😂

  • ninjarosias

    You said "I've been the spiffing brit" twice. Once at the start of the outro and again at the end.

  • *Jared X*
    *Jared X*

    I'm pretty sure "standard price" doesn't change even as the market is changed, so you don't always get the 0% value, but either way you're earning a crazy amount of value, and seeing free imports is nuts.

  • 99JoJ

    My sister walked in on me crying: "No, Spiff you can't do that!", and then immediatly just walked out. T'was tea-lareous!

  • BrittishGamer101

    Best ALgoner ever

  • Grey Hunter
    Grey Hunter

    Isn't this how London makes its money?

  • Hexadecima96

    Majestic for sure, but never enough Gloriusly Imperialistic has you man. Keep on the good work.


    The ai be like this has the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals ever

  • SupaDanteX

    I do love 2 week old shellfish. It's definitely not dangerous to eat.

  • Axel Mason
    Axel Mason


  • Dinghy

    ok so now do this with tropico 1

  • ChrispyGingerPie

    Fun Video!

  • veld

    for anyone actually about to use this in game, don't start with it right off the bat, get a safe industry such as boats/cigars/rum and then build the neccesary buildings for this strategy off that industry

  • AngieVlogs

    Caribbean Singapore simulator

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman

    Imagine playing Tropico with real crypto-currency?

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman

    I have no idea why the UK would want to leave the EU. (plays Tropico 6) Oh, ....I see now.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman

    Only a damned Brit would think of this.......!!!!

    • Mark Freeman
      Mark Freeman

      p.s. I love Tropico

  • Stormy

    This was just a capitalism tutorial

  • BoyWithCrackers

    SpiffStockPhoto is legendary.

  • Ahmad Yuda
    Ahmad Yuda

    What a Trump style talking you had

  • Lytle Chamberlain
    Lytle Chamberlain

    That's not someone “selling” you weapons for free, though. That's the CIA.

  • Joseph Quinn Swolin
    Joseph Quinn Swolin

    Venezuela selling guns....oh yeah its coming together

  • Greater Than
    Greater Than

    The money laundering republic

  • Peter Cory
    Peter Cory

    **Puts on Prince Charles voice** Spiff my good fellow you videos are absolutely wonderful this is my first time commenting on one of your videos I do so hope that it helps you to utterly break the ALgone algorithm Jolly good show old chap (Not) Prince Charles

  • Capitan Smooth
    Capitan Smooth

    Bravo for your success mate!

  • Justin Irvine
    Justin Irvine

    Spiff "can I make America on a island? Yesssss I can Tropico!!!!'

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh

    Oh look he made Singapore

  • Tay Boon Siong
    Tay Boon Siong

    exploit the world

  • Ken Narita
    Ken Narita

    And that’s arbitrage opportunity for you

  • archimedies


  • 2GeekProductions

    I know what happen with the trade deals not being good, Spiff forgot to drink his 5 cups of morning tea.

  • about37ninjas

    I want to congratulate you for discovering how to play as the Dutch.

  • Chase Berkey
    Chase Berkey

    (Insert fan interaction)

  • YouLikeBosch

    Spiffing Brit is like the fixer of the games industry. Send your game to him to break into pieces, and get it back 10 times as strong. I wonder how many singular exploit patches he's responsible for.

  • Masv1pe

    Or you can just use a cheat.

  • Ramona S
    Ramona S

    I CANNOT get over the traced Jimmy Carr at 2:21 ahjsgfkashjff

  • Lightning & Thunder
    Lightning & Thunder

    5 million before 2021?

  • Noel Fredericksen
    Noel Fredericksen

    Keep it up Spiff!

  • RecklessFables

    Are these the SAME art assets as Cities: Skylines?

  • Gab

    0:40 Just like the USA then !

  • Matthew Hosier
    Matthew Hosier

    "I am a potato" -The Spiffing Brit 2021

  • Matthew Hosier
    Matthew Hosier

    Business is boomin'

  • Sagich Dirnich
    Sagich Dirnich

    lmao, thx for the vid lad

  • Xtreampb !
    Xtreampb !

    ​ @The Spiffing Brit you should do life is perfectly ballanced and no exploits by using social engineering.

  • Name Less
    Name Less

    Tropical Heat (no not the TV show)? or how to break the world with just few bananas and a port.

  • Misairu

    They pay you to import their stuff

  • BolasSpark

    Spiff: *Creates Amazon* Spiff: this is completely broken!

  • Bass Mechanic
    Bass Mechanic

    I'm a Dave that drinks coffee in the states, but regardless of that amazing fact.. Just wanted to tell you that it is a pleasure to listen to you riff on games. You are fricken hilarious. Gday govna.

  • Ton Led
    Ton Led

    does green tea count? bc thats what i drink...

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