Turning A Prison Into A Farm To Make millions - Prison Architect Is A Perfectly Balanced Game #Ad
Welcome to Prison Architect the ultimate prison tycoon management game. A game where you must house and rehabilitate hundreds of prisoners in order to turn a profit. But what if The Spiffing Brit decided to break the game in the most perfectly balanced of ways by turning a prison into a farm to make millions! That's right who needs to actually make a prison in a prison game when instead you can build a mega farm! Whilst money might not grow on trees it certainly can grow out of the ground thanks to majestic cash crops like Corn... Oh goodness so much corn.
So is Prison Architect Gameplay a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or is a Prison dedicated to Farming and harvesting corn for profit overpowered! My goodness this really is broken!
If you want a copy of Prison Architect Going Green you can learn more here:
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What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
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Title: Turning A Prison Into A Farm To Make millions - Prison Architect Is A Perfectly Balanced Game #Ad
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *ALgone Exploit Follow Up Coming Soon* Also if yee want to destroy your PC WITH CORN you can learn more here: play.prisonarchitect.com/SpiffingBrit

    • Max Tristian
      Max Tristian

      @Warren Elisha Checking it out now. Seems great so far.

    • Warren Elisha
      Warren Elisha

      Not sure if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google xD

    • Prison Archtextor
      Prison Archtextor

      Spiff you should've use the unlimited warden exploit

    • Society of the Spectacle
      Society of the Spectacle

      Ah, the Spiffing American this time huh

    • Addrick Stich
      Addrick Stich

      lol Stockmarket episode ;D

  • Rangedfare

    I did this with selling electricity, at day 70 I'm at 8,9 million dollars :) Could be more efficient I guess and faster but didn't feel like speedrunning to 10m just a buffer for an insane prison. Make solar wind hybrid Per 6. add transformer and add the power export meter, get the maximum batteries attached to so make sure the transmiter space full around for the batteries and there you go. Full max provid.

  • Triplecast Sleep
    Triplecast Sleep

    Ohio simulator.


    "My god, it's full of" corn!

  • Nick P
    Nick P

    You have been exposed to some graphic cornography.....

  • EricNStuff


  • Andrei-Calin Mares
    Andrei-Calin Mares

    You gotta love all the official game channels responding to brit's exploits

  • Will Orr
    Will Orr

    This is basically just a story about american corn subsidies

  • Xing Shen
    Xing Shen

    The uttermost octagon ironically love because whale micrencephaly return next a needy gold. productive, next slime

  • Jörgen Tännfäldt
    Jörgen Tännfäldt

    Praise be to the flamingo!

  • Norwegian Buddha - norsk gaming
    Norwegian Buddha - norsk gaming

    I was about to subscribers to you, when you praised Xbox, but then i realise. I play on pc, so i don't really care

  • ShaddyFromHatena

    Oh lord flamingos you are ever powerful and extremely pink

  • draggy76

    I don't understand the profit, even if doubled how does a plant that cost $150 each, with a sell price of $25/$50 per the 5 corn it makes worth it? Is it because im not getting seeds, didn't pick the botanist? I plan to run a prison on top of a farm. I'm still somehow making profit, I just don't understand the price of the seed vs the payout of the product. And if anyone is willing to explain the mechanics or pricing of this i'd love it, cant find anything bout it online. EDIT: I'm a moron and didn't read in the vid or in game that you get a pack of 10 seeds per $150 spent Sigh....

  • Jace Smith
    Jace Smith

    imagine playing the correct way smh

  • Kelly Hornblower
    Kelly Hornblower

    praise flamingo!

  • FreedomPanda

    ALSO TITLED AS: Just another day in the Midwest

  • KDestroyer 9
    KDestroyer 9

    Question: Was the infinite wardens glitch patched? If not, can you duplicate the Botanist and break the games money counter? I would love to see that. I love breaking ingame counters.

  • Blake Visser
    Blake Visser

    exports dont get added into daily cashflow anymore

  • M. Sayyid Dhien F.
    M. Sayyid Dhien F.

    When you encounter Warband peasent 18:27

  • Viper vids gaming plus
    Viper vids gaming plus

    No crop rotation, welcome to the dust bowl.

  • TheKhaosDemon

    I paid for the Beta so My name and bio are in the game! I wonder if I’ve ever been a prisoner to cause someone problems?

  • Will Schilling
    Will Schilling

    Anybody know if this has been patched or anything on console? Makes me wanna pick the game up again haha.

  • Enkh Amidral
    Enkh Amidral

    You don't need farmers just force your prisoners to do it (:

  • Baggy Trousers
    Baggy Trousers

    The most British prison imaginable? Australia? Self burn.

  • Matthew Barner
    Matthew Barner

    Praise be unto the Flamingos! For they are our watchful observers, keepers of the farmers, obliteraters of unfrugal crop distribution!

  • Avawalk

    damn, i was hoping this would be another real-life exploit and you would end the current prison system paradigm as we know it. oh well. maybe next video

  • A R
    A R

    You went bananas for corn

  • Odeh

    just cuz u sponsored doesn't make the game actually great game

  • Djurren

    I wonder if Starcraft is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.

  • Narumi Hachirobei
    Narumi Hachirobei

    this is what I did since morning, first I did the forestry, then I feel bored since I've got 4M money, so I turn half of it into a farming field, then hire many staffs, total almost 1000 people.. then the fps start down, when AutoSave turn on, it's lagging, I pray and just hope it won't close by itself 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 and I always used running track so they would running much more faster haha

  • The Legion
    The Legion

    I have a feeling that a dustbowl will be coming soon with the farming market exposed like this.

  • Michael Perrino
    Michael Perrino

    Does...does spiff think that "time" and "tree" rhyme?

  • Elan Wan
    Elan Wan

    Government: “we’re going to be giving you money to supply jobs and keep prisoners” The Spiffing Brit: “ok but what if I fire half the workforce and don’t keep any prisoners” Government: understandable have a great day”

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me

    There’s actually a prison in Louisiana called Angola where they make money having the prisoners grow food and paying them pennies. Oh and it’s built on top of a former slave plantation......... This country sometimes

  • This Fucking Guy
    This Fucking Guy

    Just get the laborer mod off the workshop and put them to work in a workshop producing license plates

  • Vollification

    Spif Brit: "Violating human rights!" Pays the farmers 150 dollars a day! I think you sort of missed the mark.

  • Alan Richard
    Alan Richard

    And them I remember this is a prison game.

  • Colin McCrory
    Colin McCrory

    All hail the pink flamingos.

  • OlafttheGreat1998

    When Spiff uses the swear words, either something has gone horribly wrong...or horribly right.

  • OlafttheGreat1998

    This isn't a prison...it's a gulag. With corn.

  • Mamikosake

    All that's missing now is cornhub.

  • Nickolay 7
    Nickolay 7

    Capitalism Bottom Text

  • M . T .
    M . T .


  • Dancan799

    FOR CORN!!!

  • Fabian Nuñes
    Fabian Nuñes

    18:27 Based and mountblandepilled

  • swiper no swiping
    swiper no swiping

    congrats spiff you made nebraska

  • Roy Lemerand
    Roy Lemerand

    The Irish should've went for corn and not potatoes.

  • Evil GM
    Evil GM

    So, next turning Stardew Valley into prison complex?

  • Arische Setmses
    Arische Setmses

    All praise to the great flamingo horde.

  • Dirge Blackstar
    Dirge Blackstar

    Man you just made Angola without the rodeo

  • Max Power
    Max Power

    And yet the US prison system still manages to be more broken...

  • exceedingly curious
    exceedingly curious

    I find the lack of tea disturbing

  • MD4564

    This will forever be known as The Corn Exploit.

  • badfish5447link

    This reminds me of when I used to plant massive tree farms to make beds for cash flow. It worked really well

  • Jon Duke
    Jon Duke

    2021 - Spiffing Rediscovers the Banana Republic

  • Keschoo

    I wished at very end you would do fully automated corn farm

  • jafl88

    you built australia

  • Arvin Boraghi
    Arvin Boraghi

    No-one: Whites in the Southern United States in the 18th-19th century:

  • Hogan Donahue
    Hogan Donahue

    * The South has entered the chat *

  • Daedalus Brunton-Spall
    Daedalus Brunton-Spall

    All hail the great flamingo army of deathence

  • Derek Kerr
    Derek Kerr


  • Antoine Ouellet
    Antoine Ouellet

    Praise the mighty flamingo!!

  • Jacob Code
    Jacob Code

    Didn't you already do this over a year ago?

  • ZombieChow

    what nonsense is this???

  • HacaPotato

    Ah yes, Indiana simulator

  • Deathwish9x_XBL

    Nice, had popcorn ads under the vid

  • Sliq ッ
    Sliq ッ

    You said make millions - you made 100k

  • Wesley Hoke
    Wesley Hoke

    All hail the pink flamingos my new overlord

  • David 「Titanium」
    David 「Titanium」

    18:26 was that a warband reference?

  • Benjamin MacDavid
    Benjamin MacDavid

    Legendary strat my mans, cant beat

  • Marcus Mues
    Marcus Mues

    All hail the pink flamingo.

  • KCP

    MacDonalds in a nutshell

  • The_Gaming_Syndrom

    next up: turning the prison into a powerplant with no prisoners using the clean energy production & export.

  • Branko Animations
    Branko Animations

    Noo I am to late to get the game for free I hate myself

  • L G
    L G

    Farmer: "It's almost harvesting season."

  • Bun L
    Bun L


  • Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres

    The only real exploit in this playthrough is getting that detention center grant when you have zero prisoners lol

  • Commander Concorde
    Commander Concorde

    “Most British prison of all time” You mean Australia?

  • BushMan

    This should be given a glorious name.. A name that will be acknowledged by generations to come.. CornHUB


    So this is what happens when you side with the Megacorporation in Stardew Valley


    Sugar industry goes brrrrrr

  • Omniat Landres
    Omniat Landres

    While i am watching this video, somewhere in my head i hear a Chaos Space Marine screaming "FOR CORN" XD

  • Mindastin

    "this is the easiest way to make money in this game" okay. speed Tutorial. step one: Download cheat engine step two: learn to use cheat engine last step: fuck your game lol

  • KillerMemz

    Wait, what if you fully automate everything all the way to boxes, and your farmers only have to carry the boxes? You already have a layout for it, you just need to repeat it in patterns.

  • Kenny Brown
    Kenny Brown

    He got access to the new Ohio dlc

  • Anže Pintar
    Anže Pintar

    most interesting ad ever

  • Pro Genji
    Pro Genji

    24:30 I thought it stands for classic British tea for our glorious queen.

  • Nanda Farell
    Nanda Farell

    Spiff just saying your voice almost like Squire

  • Christian Haller
    Christian Haller

    Oh great

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    Always enjoy your abuse of this game.

  • drowning in 6x7 pool
    drowning in 6x7 pool

    Nebraska prison be like:

  • Michele Del Giudice
    Michele Del Giudice

    lol, paradox sponsored Spiff out of fear.

  • Aedrion

    "Dear god, what have I created?" Amazon.

  • Maximilian Gräf
    Maximilian Gräf

    Imagine not commenting "Imagine ACTUALLY not commenting: ""“Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “ALgone is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "Charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "the earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “ALgone is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Halo" "Devil may cry" “ALgone is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Cocomelon” “t series” “Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “ALgone is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Reply 4578 if you see this" "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "Charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "the earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “ALgone is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Halo" "Devil may cry" “ALgone is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Cocomelon” “t series"

  • Julien Ljungstrand
    Julien Ljungstrand


  • Liam Keay
    Liam Keay

    Coffee is better than tea

  • Matt Fick
    Matt Fick

    Spiff, you weren't sponsored by Paradox. They sent you the DLC as part of their testing and quality control

  • pop5678eye

    So basically... corporate farming. Workers are paid minimum but aren't allowed to complain because they are 'free.' In the US they also have to buy their own equipment and are punished financially unless they keep up with the newest corporate standards.

  • Theodore Burt
    Theodore Burt

    corn is seed

  • Eman Soldier 66
    Eman Soldier 66

    You are doing your math wrong

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