Turning Total War Warhammer Into A HEDGE FUND SIMULATOR - Total War WH Is A Perfectly Balanced Game
With Total War Warhammer 3 trailer just getting announced I felt now was the perfect time to revisit the total war warhammer series and see if we can break warhammer 2 by turning it into an investment simulator where instead of leading an army in a strategy game we will be be turning this grand strategy game into a hedge fund simulator where we invest in a band of orks in order to create an infinite money glitch / exploit. Total war warhammer 2 has always been one of the best strategy games on the market but today we will be removing the strategy side of the game and instead we will be printing money by exploiting a feature with the last elven lord update. This money exploit allows you to generate millions, its not often we get a total war exploit this powerful so be sure to use it before the next warhammer dlc appears and patches this creative feature and use of game mechanics!
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
So sit back relax and enjoy this Warhammer Exploit! How on earth can one english bugger beat Total War itself and gain unlimited spearmen armies whilst gaining money!!
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Title: Turning Total War Warhammer Into A HEDGE FUND SIMULATOR - Total War WH Is A Perfectly Balanced Game
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *I am excited to announce that Disney has bought the rights to the film "The Orcs of Wall Street!"* Huge thanks to legend of total war for the diplomacy bug: algone.info And MercytheMad for the indoctrination cheese: algone.info/slow/video/hYaaqJyHf2qAt58

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      "Wow! Thank you Uncle Elf for the free GOLD COINS!" Now cough up mate im not here all day.

    • Axiom Firemind
      Axiom Firemind

      One Phousand Gold. Because Theta never existed in Greek only Phi.

    • Grant Hicks
      Grant Hicks

      You should do a video on total war shogun and see how broken it is

    • EyesOfByes

      When is your Valheim video coming?

    • Emil Lisauskas
      Emil Lisauskas

      @Anthony Bottigliero the biggest problem is when u indoctrinate lords they need to still be alive for the 5% income gain. This is a problem because they won’t recruit a new lord which will cost around 1200 when they can get one for free so u end up being able to only indoctrinate around 5-7 lords with is around 25%-35% of their total treasury

  • Benjamin DeBoer
    Benjamin DeBoer

    Thanks for the gold uncle

  • Kaiimei

    Couldn't you also attack the settlement and sack it, capture the lord that's in there for yet more money, then whilst making sure no armies come near, you deliberately don't siege the settlement, allowing them to spawn another lord, and you just rinse and repeat until you are making multiple times the full treasury of the Top Knots?

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    Ghost 13

    “Wow! Thank you Uncle Elf for the free GOLD COINS!”

  • food 4 me Kills
    food 4 me Kills

    this guy turned the game system in to a lone from a bank

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    Spoopy Purple

    elf supremecy

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    La meme

    Wow thank you uncle elf for the free gold coins!

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    steem lenn

    In short, he EAed Sega.

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    commissar kruber

    brit: eltharion sucks 9 months later brit makes a video on them

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    cats rock

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  • Scott Etter
    Scott Etter

    Wouldn't the interest only be 15 percent? I only saw 3 lords being captured.

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    Tender_ Ballz

    "Congradulations it turned out you have a long-lost uncle who was an elven Prince" LOL

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    War Chief

    This video is just Amazing

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    Would have preferred the title to specify the 2nd, was hoping this was the 1st game tbh. Still enjoyable, but I was specifically searching :P

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    That elf has a strangely large nose. Makes you think...

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    ASon OfGod

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  • Ryan Keese
    Ryan Keese

    After III releases we'll only be 39,997 games until we reach Total War: Warhammer 40k.

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    Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos

    xD xD xD , renaming the Orc trash pile Swindon, I love you

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    Andreas Lakatos

    How many comments do you need to secure a kislev exploite??!?

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    wow thank you uncle elf for the free gold coins

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    Daniel hamre

    wow thank you uncle elf for the free gold coins

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    Samuel Watson

    Why is it 25% and not 15%? I thought it was 5% per lord?

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    These comments need more comments, so here is a comment for your comment section comments. Teas and exploits to you good sir!

  • Nyran Stanton
    Nyran Stanton

    Rothschild would be proud.

  • SirWarkwark

    If the orks agrees it works, it just works!

  • Hole-Saw Bear
    Hole-Saw Bear

    It's all fun and games until you realize how accurately this describes RL banking and economies.

  • Cadence Anubis
    Cadence Anubis

    This man will be quite the isekai protagonist.

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    Justin Rodriguez

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    This might be one of the funniest exploit videos I’ve ever watched

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    Jeff Poirrier

    Yes. I WILL pointlessly watch someone do the same simple exploit over and over again... for 30 minutes.

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    Not sure why, but I love these videos.

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    A very real name That is my name

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  • von Falkenstein
    von Falkenstein

    The thing about high elves is, they do not have garbage tier speamen, as elven spearman are leagues better then any other faction spearmen.

  • Michael Weber
    Michael Weber

    So in a multiplayer game could you do this with a friend where he throws lords at you and you capture them until you're making 150% a turn or more and more?

  • Mike Warriner
    Mike Warriner

    This is actually hilarious, the Ork investment bank hahaha

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    "'Old dem stonks, Boyz. We'z got broight fiscal futurez, fanks to Gork n' Mork National!"

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    Linus Berg

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    You can do this money glitch IRL. Simply invest in a high dividend stocks, get dividend, reinvest dividend, next dividend is now more, repeat cycle till you are 50 and a millionaire :D Compounding interest gets me moist.

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    Even morgur showed at the end

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    Am I bad person for using this one in multiplayer?

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    Niculae George

    28:57 "We've turned this grand strategy game into an investment banking simulator" ...actually... more like indoctrinating the orcs by force to print fake money for you.

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    Joshua Sherwood

    When the elves go full jew

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    So THAT is how ork teknology was created spiff made it possible 😆.

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    The Chungus Among Us

    I was actually drinking a cup of tea while I watched this.

  • Jesse MacLean
    Jesse MacLean

    Are Dark elves Nestle simulator then?

  • WeAre Harbinger
    WeAre Harbinger

    The orcs locked in eternal war while surrounded by giant piles of money. They must be so happy.

  • Frank Wilson
    Frank Wilson

    I don't remember having an elf uncle...then again he might have just married one of the aunts at one point.

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    Sumarni Sumarni

    That's how actual shit really work

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    A R

    The ultimate dividend reinvestment plan

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    Anything for warhammer mordheim?

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    Is it viable to start a 2nd bank? I opened up the bank of Mash One Finger and it's going splendidly, was wondering would opening another branch serve any purpose?

  • Unidentified Biomass
    Unidentified Biomass

    1st time I won the elf campaign it was because I kept pumping other allied factions full of money to dominate the map.

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    Azure Greatheart

    Dwarf: “You did *what* to our ancient enemies!?” Eltharion: “We invested in them so they have more money for us to steal.”

    • Nicholas Cordero
      Nicholas Cordero

      @Jamie Kamihachi hence why it's going in the BOOK

    • Jamie Kamihachi
      Jamie Kamihachi

      Hey! It’s an investment. Not theft. Totally legitimate and legal.

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      "I'm not sure I understand, but I'm, like, 90% sure this should go in the Book."

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    How to exploit a game to make it unnecessarily harder next?

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    Love warhammer played the miniatures game since I was 16. 35 now love your videos spiff

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    I dont get it, topknots had 10000, you gave him 40k+ and the next turn you only got 6k back??? i thought it was 25%?

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    I’m looking to diversify my retirement holdings and would like to open an account in the Gork and Mork fund. How much capital will I need for an initial investment and what are your commissions fees?

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    whats the elven word for stonks..

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    Instructions unclear, the orcs accepted my military alliance...

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    Truth: Pokemon is a postmodern analysis of chauvinistic imperialism

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    The Infamous Horeldo

    I am now convinced that Spiff is a 40k fan. a few hints. Tolls for the toll god etc. Alpharius isn't in fantasy, surely? Or Sigmar or whatever they're calling classic now

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    Total War is broken is so many ways - and for 20 years! Hilarious.. and pityfull :S

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