Twitch Vs Exploits - How to get Infinite Money and Bits With AMAZON And TWITCH (PERFECTLY BALANCED)
Today we take a look at the longstanding history of Twitch / Amazon and their many battles against hackers and exploiters that are trying to find ways to secure infinite Money with bits or just unlimited money by stacking discount codes, coupons and most importantly exploiting giveaways and events! So today we will be covering the Infinite money exploit currently on twitch. The legendary Gillette event where streamers discovered a way to double their money by buying shaving products! Whilst many try to life hack there way to an easier living we here at the spiffing brit instead prefer to just exploit our way to success and infinite money! This is the ultimate twitch fails! Its not the top streamers failing this time oh no its the entire platform of twitch tv having a huge fail when trying to do a nice discount! This is twitch 2021 where anyone can find a way to get infinite twitch bits!
So sit back and watch as the spiffing brit tests to see if infinite free money is a perfectly balanced system with no exploits or if the infinite discount coupon codes from twitch are starting to get ever so slightly broken!
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold and infinite money all in a fantastic montage. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
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Title: Twitch Vs Exploits - How to get Infinite Money and Bits With Amazon And Twitch (PERFECTLY BALANCED)
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *Cant wait to be the first twitch Partner to get banned from twitch before I even start streaming!* Also on an unrelated note does anyone need 87 Gillette Fusion Pro Glide razors? To the amazon Employee watching this video damn you were fast on reporting this :D

    • Nut is dangerous
      Nut is dangerous

      We are currently working on fixing this.

    • Arthur Morgani
      Arthur Morgani

      @AO6 Oh boy, there are no exploits on this bank :) That is why politicians all around the world use it.

    • HarryPenguin1


    • Dojando

      I would actually need a new razor xD Wanna send it to Europe? Mine is getting old :(

    • Carlos Monroy
      Carlos Monroy

      You got any razors? Lol

  • An onymous
    An onymous


  • ragazoub

    i don't think my parents will allow me to spend 3000€ on twitch (if you do that, you'll have a fbi agent writing "likes thots" on his notebook)

  • Your's Truly
    Your's Truly

    Don't forget that each time you do this you would have to pay taxes on it as if its pure profit so you would actually put yourself in debt

  • MrDooder

    Spiff has ascended from simple videogame exploits

  • Elijah Majedi
    Elijah Majedi

    Does this still work??

  • n _hito
    n _hito

    Hi, Brit - would You kindly do Warcraft 3 (*Reforged) PERFECTLY BALANCED???

  • Politically Incorrect
    Politically Incorrect

    Plot twist: That’s How Jeff Bezos dodges his taxes 😂

  • TraGeek

    Spiff.. what ended up happening after you exploited this/and other similiar things like the ALgone like exploit? do some like.. follow up video please! 😁

  • Tyler Theesen
    Tyler Theesen

    more twitch hacks please:) how can I get affiliate/partner in 24 hrs lmao

  • NeroKoso

    Infinite money yes. And when you cash it out, there will be tax. What ever the tax % may be, you just lose money. Have fun boys. In Soviet Finland, this % is like 25. Bye profits.

  • Tom Turbo
    Tom Turbo

    I love you. You are my divine master of tea 😉

  • NicholasCreeger

    Thank goodness Jeff jumped ship before we drained his bank $2 at a time

  • Collymorpheous

    This guy is slowly becoming the most dangerous man alive.

  • tn5421


  • Bigslam1993

    I truly believe that these things are done intentionally to launder money or something. Somehow...


    mad lad

  • J.J. B.
    J.J. B.

    at 5min 35sec : if 1 gift card is 2 Dollar profit ,how can 40 gifts be only 46 Dollar profit ?? (40x2=80not46)

  • person and stuff
    person and stuff

    a whise man once said. if you dont drink tea, the spiffing Brit will find an exploit to you and take controle over your body

  • lucas rodrigues
    lucas rodrigues

    You can also create 100 accounts get the free prime with a disposable credit card, and get that 100 primes for yourself

  • Bella G
    Bella G

    Now add in the fact that you have to pay taxes on that income from Twitch.... *EDIT* I commented this halfway thru the video, which I normally don't do. Now I feel dumb.

  • Ulysses Edens
    Ulysses Edens

    OH NOOOOO! Buy Twitch bits, business expense, give them to self, 100.3333% profit.

  • Typical PC Tech
    Typical PC Tech

    350,000+ views, and only 50k likes lol OOF!

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio

    Oh my goodness, Spiff found an exploit for the literal irl economy *His power grows.*

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio

    5:45 well actually, technically we do know where it's coming from Twitch and Amazon. XD

  • Joschii Josch
    Joschii Josch

    Reminds me of the guy who made 300k profit from buying credit card gift cards with his credit card and use the discount from the credit card and so on 😂

  • Troll Barbu
    Troll Barbu

    give this man 10 millions subscribers before he finds an exploit to grant 100M himself

  • Trav Pots
    Trav Pots

    Good job

  • Helbos Welt
    Helbos Welt

    okay.. nice maths there.. but when comes the tax again?

  • Ross Potter
    Ross Potter

    You'd think that companies would get smarter, but no

  • Michael Risi
    Michael Risi

    So this still works?

  • MW2366

    Any Poll's A Goal.

  • kensaiix

    somehow, i feel this is the principle the global stocks and financial markets work

  • Mr Schmorgus
    Mr Schmorgus

    To bad I refuse to go even near 'merican companies with money.

  • Discord Lexia
    Discord Lexia

    It's absurd that you have to worry about being sued for videos like this. A company makes a mistake and then it's okay to sue people for exploiting their own mistake? Yet they can exploit whoever they want risk-free?

  • Sheep2129xp

    Pinky promise

  • Yer Mum
    Yer Mum

    spiffs next vid : banks are perfectly balanced with no exploita

  • Facts and stuff
    Facts and stuff


  • Georgii Shmakov
    Georgii Shmakov

    This video should be referenced in econ textbooks for "diseconomies of scale"

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham

    did twitch fixed it or not? i’m thinking about signing up on twitch

  • Killjoy

    i completly deserve this XD was the absolut best and fitting phrase you could have used there. Love the Videos ♥

  • HarryPenguin1

    spiff when he f**ks up twitch

  • Vortex

    i just made a profit of 5k no joke it works

  • Matticus Madness
    Matticus Madness

    0:38 - 1:31 Y'all out here with more salt then Squidward Tentacles. It's hilarious.

  • life begins after coffee
    life begins after coffee

    *pinky promise*

  • ABS Official
    ABS Official

    What's the word on Spiffcoin? I'd love to get in on that early

  • Rat King
    Rat King

    The Geneva convention is perfectly balanced with no exploits!

  • Akapulko06

    im so mad that i cant use these exploits (i mean of course i wouldnt... its illegal afterall...) because im underage, not to mention im not american... sadge

  • HelloQro

    Funny how the code hasn't been working at all since the tweet went live.

  • KingSexySheep

    this sounds like couponing and the store pays you for it

  • BLVCK.

    Can you do exploits on like uber eats or postmates etc?? Lol

  • Danja Jeff
    Danja Jeff

    Ok this is the weirdest things ever. I received 1 of those packages of Razor. I received the package and signed for it, but I didnt know the name and in Massachusetts in Athol to be Exact. Kind of a small town, but I signed and I didnt recognize the name as it wasnt any current neighbors as the house only had 3 floors and 3 apartments. So I knew the neighbors and landlord said he never had anyone with the name.

  • Memox Was Here
    Memox Was Here

    How can they be so goddamn dumb??

  • Wayah Posey
    Wayah Posey

    All the people that disliked are twitch staff

  • 5H0PlaysRblx

    (01:28) Well, I don't make promises, so I guess can't like.

  • Gary Kelley
    Gary Kelley

    Those 297 dislikes is the people making the money in everyone else's stead.

  • Wizard Brandon
    Wizard Brandon

    Yeah but twitch take 50% for all earnings. so this doesnt work also, you cant give bits to yourself

  • EclecticBread NCircus
    EclecticBread NCircus

    Wow, I didn't see a Twitchbits go brrr anywhere.

  • BijnaWeekend!

    My condolences regarding prince Philip, must be hard on you 😫

  • y_Marius_x

    or maybe Twitch is the real genius because no one would ever buy that many Gillette products, would they? And then Twitch just pays off the money loss with the money they got from the sponsorship. Afterwards there surely is a little bit of profit left because Gillette sold so many Products.

  • Triplecast Sleep
    Triplecast Sleep

    Spiff: I can use twitch to make free money Me: I sleep. Spiff: I can use twitch to launder money and evade tax. Me: *REAL SHIT*

  • Beforcial

    And then they BAN your ass.... (without giving any reasons of course) xD

  • Bas Scheffener
    Bas Scheffener

    I kind of want to see the financial results of the event of twitch each time they do something like this, just to take a peek at how much money they lost xD

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    I think technically the money comes from amazon

  • Mr. Alkenly
    Mr. Alkenly

    what about tax?

  • Spastic Cat
    Spastic Cat


  • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname
    Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

    Imagine spending money on the bits and then they freeze your Twitch/Amazon account before you can "donate" them to yourself Also, I don't really think you can justify buying bits or subbing to other streamers as a business expense

  • Evander Mauhar
    Evander Mauhar

    How Jerma will clear his debt

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy

    Jerma has 2.5 billion dollar debt from trying this shit. Be careful, streamers. Don’t wanna end up like that absolute psycho.

  • xodz the gamer
    xodz the gamer

    They do this on purpose. It constantly goes on when they do "watch ads for bits", they know what people are gonna do.

  • bert verhoest
    bert verhoest

    Gillette wanted to join the lucrative buisness of osrs wich is dubbling money, just geniius.

  • Just Ivan
    Just Ivan

    so what you are saying is we can get free money by buying twitch bits on special holidays and then sell them later at the normal price jobs are overrated

  • The2ndKombat

    you can sell the razor cheaper. u'll get money on top money on top of money

  • Zorgdub

    I totally won't abuse this exploit.

  • Sid G
    Sid G

    Eventually once spitting Brit gets so popular company's around the world will start throwing money at him to go through and make sure they cannot be exploited.

  • MrMoorFlax

    Spiff went from being a quirky videogame exploiter to tax evasion accountant real quick

  • Chris Tidwell
    Chris Tidwell

    I am assuming the $2 was considering their cut, but that doesn't take into effect the taxes you have to pay making a certain amount of $. The law recently changed so that anyone getting over $600 on platforms such as paypal are more easily taxable. Still a super interesting video.

  • RavFrom Yetti
    RavFrom Yetti

    0:52 Dr.Disrespect

  • Lio

    Imagine someone spend 3000$ for a profit of 40 $ , in the same moment twitch fix this and him loses all money

  • Aaron-Catof9Lives

    and then you have to pay taxes on the bits for a net loss

  • Aj Ku
    Aj Ku

    7:34 I believe if you do this you would now have to document all the money you paid to your self as profit. It would raise your total income meaning you might end up paying more in taxes. Unless you dont report those donations which would technically be tax fraud.

  • ashem2

    Well... as someone working in industry... Most such bugs and exploits are found by QA but never fixed. Why? Because there is always something more important to do. More important for those who make decisions of course. Is it bad for QA? No, they still get their money. Is it bad for managers? No, they get extremely good KPA and thus paid millions. Is it bad for Bezos? No, he gets more users and actions from that. And that is the best KPA. Amazon is still growing, +50% users each year, yeahhh. And that is good because of how price for shares of company is determined in stock exchange system. Actual profits doesn't matter, KPA matters. So it is great for Bezos. Is it bad for those who buy those stocks then? Well, if you are regular person - yes. But if you are wall street - no. Because if such KPA is (suddenly) not a pyramid you get profit. And if it is - well, you split up company leaving all profits in one part and all loses in another. And you get bankruptcy or bail out paying basically nothing. So it is good for Wall street too. Then maybe it is bad for the state since it is paying for such exploits? No, state will just raise taxes (or indirect taxes by just printing more money and creating hyperinflation). So state is also pretty happy. Who is in the lose then? Well, there are two sides who lose in this incredible scheme - 1. regular players of stock exchange who lose more then they win on average since they have no bail out and 2. taxpayers. Perfectly balanced with no exploits... Ohh is there a way to fix it and is there someone who want to do so? Well, yes... two things needs to be done to get rid of such exploits - 1. remove corrupt politician from power to get rid of bail outs and 2. get rid of stock exchange/infinite debt system which allows banks and billionaires to create money out of nowhere, money which have no products and no buying power behind them but which is indistinguishable from normal money. Though it is probably can only be done by going back to golden standard and that is problem in itself. Ok, seems easy, right? Well, no. It can only be done by those in power. And those in power are actually those who benefit from such scheme, they are those who you want to remove to get rid of it. So, while there is perfect way of getting rid of schemes, world financial crises, wars and world hunger it will never be done. Because those who can do it will only lose from doing so. So just enjoy this world which is a perfectly balanced mmo with no exploits.

  • Grizlore

    And Hypothetically if you used a credit card with cash back rewards.... $$$$

  • Jaren Pocopio
    Jaren Pocopio

    Too bad im not american

  • Weed Stacker
    Weed Stacker

    Love it

  • Vincent Urquhart
    Vincent Urquhart

    " each like is someone who won't be bankrupting twitch" 337k views - 51k likes = 286k times over twitch will be bankrupted

    • The 4th Steve
      The 4th Steve

      @Vincent Urquhart you did some bad math. you would want to count the number of people who watched but didn't li- ah, i misunderstood the statement. i thought you were subtracting the number of dislikes from likes

    • Vincent Urquhart
      Vincent Urquhart

      @The 4th Steve yes thats what I said. 286k people watched this video and didn't like it therefore they will bankrupt twitch

    • The 4th Steve
      The 4th Steve

      *won't* be bankrupting twitch

  • baba Joci
    baba Joci

    every dislike = a person's use the exploit

  • Lo L
    Lo L

    The fact that your exploits are slowly bleeding into the real world proves that our reality is just a simulation.

  • Samuel Hamilton
    Samuel Hamilton

    Not that I ever would do it but how did people hear about this is their a reddit

  • sam kransky
    sam kransky

    Me with a vpn

  • NNextremNN

    Congratulation now you have one Twitch follower more :)

  • SquiggleyProud

    Guess who is gonna bankrupt twitch lmao

  • Julien Romane
    Julien Romane

    Brilliant 👍🏻

  • Rémi Gag
    Rémi Gag



    Please do an exploit on the human digestive system... I just ate a gallon of ice cream again and my tummy hurts

  • Hatwox

    Spiff..... im scared

  • Channel Name • 10 years ago
    Channel Name • 10 years ago

    They're too busy banning anti-thots that they forgot to fix their system.

  • Sebastián Alegre
    Sebastián Alegre

    Does this still work?

  • CaptainsEyePatch

    It is very clever and all but... This is not an oversite. Like it's specifically in the ULA that you can't sheer on your own channel. Ya you can do it with 2ndary accounts and whatnot. But it is actually against the terms of service and will get you very legally and rightfully banned. Should also be noted that they can and will reverse your donations. (I.E. you don't get the money) also yes I know that Spiff is saying how you would get around this but, he is basically saying you can get extra money by breaking the law (Well ULA) It's kind of like saying "You can hack the bank system by robbing a bank" Ya ya, it's funny but still.

  • IAteItGuy

    I guess it's insignificant enough they didn't think anyone would be crazy enough to use it to get $1000? I don't think anyone actually used this exploit, but just learning about stuff like this is pretty cool

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