Microsoft last year decided to release the XBOX game pass to compete with the EA play game pass which is now even available on steam. Now normally the xbox gamepass is a service that you pay monthly towards and in return you get access to hundreds of hit games like among us free, fnaf, hello neighbor free and my personal favourite goat simulator! Now we all love free games so today we will be showing off how to get an unlimited free xbox game pass by stealing the games from just one game pass account! Now that sounds like xbox is perfectly balanced with no exploits! Now today we will be showing how just £1 spent on the game pass ultimate allows for unlimited access to the best xbox game pass games for free and forever!
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
So sit back relax and enjoy this Free Xbox Exploit! How on earth can one english bugger beat Microsoft itself and gain unlimited keys via the xbox game pass ultimate!!
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *oh boy I cant wait to LEGITIMATELY purchase myself a copy of the MICROSOFT TM XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE* 1 Like = 1 Lawyer

    • Caiden Putter
      Caiden Putter

      @Dio Brando it is broken

    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando


    • Caiden Putter
      Caiden Putter

      Still not patched 😂😂

    • some random dude online
      some random dude online

      @PrDelahaye random people online will there's 13000 people who liked this comment alone. Also didn't you answer my question.

    • PrDelahaye

      @some random dude online then who is about to answer to 300 people like you?

  • Yt No adds
    Yt No adds

    I am excited to buy the gamepass

  • Dylan Slater
    Dylan Slater

    Creates account called The Spiffing Brit. Microsoft: *Shaking*

  • Easy Gaming
    Easy Gaming


  • RealGTZ

    Yeah gift cards don't work.

  • Ed Randell
    Ed Randell

    I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass.

  • Knight

    does this still work

  • Alberto Sanders
    Alberto Sanders

    My preference for this is 𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐃𝐙.𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞

  • TorterraX1

    yup it is fixed

  • שון שרון
    שון שרון

    I can't wait to buy the xbox game pass!

  • Dan D
    Dan D

    Bastards have just patched it

  • tgod lol
    tgod lol

    Can this work on my console?😭

  • Daukwin

    Seems like it's been fixed, it's not working for me anymore

  • webi wabo
    webi wabo

    Link ?

  • Samuel Bravo
    Samuel Bravo

    I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass

  • Furkan Unal
    Furkan Unal

    Does this also work for ea play, because they also have free games for xbox game pass users?

    • Aluminator82

      @Miks Ceihners Nope! As I said the exploit itself is fixed after the release of this video. But I enjoyed what I've played. Most games I liked are available on Steam. One day I'll buy them, when the price is right during sale.

    • Miks Ceihners
      Miks Ceihners

      @Aluminator82 does the rest of the games still work?

    • Aluminator82

      @Miks Ceihners The exploit doesn't work anymore, as I expected. After the release of this video they fixed it. So no more exploit on Xbox gamepass. All EA games are removed after expire of the gamepass.

    • Miks Ceihners
      Miks Ceihners

      @Aluminator82 and does it?

    • Aluminator82

      I've installed a few EA-play games with Xbox gamepass. The EA games are gone from the Xbox gamelist, as soon as you logout. I've seen that myself today. My subscription ends tommow, so in 24 hours I'll see if this still works. I'm really curious!

  • Michael Archer
    Michael Archer

    I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass

  • Nathan Cormier
    Nathan Cormier

    I cannot wait 🤤

  • Declan Brown
    Declan Brown

    hey brit I think your video has made microsoft stop that little exploit from working because I don't have access to the subscriptions and games my friends have bought digitally despite using gamesharing for over a year with no problems until about a week after this video. so thanks for making one of my very few hobbies less enjoyable

  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos

    has this been fixed? Not working for me anymore

    • Daukwin

      It was working for me just fine a few days ago but now it's not working for me either. I had automatic updates off in microsoft store but it seems the xbox app updated itself anyway.

  • Sif

    Hey, so um I noticed on my xbox one I seem to have access to game pass, but I never subscribed for it and I'm not getting billed for it either.. is this possibly due to the issue covered in this video? And what should I do about this?

    • Eddie Condo
      Eddie Condo

      @Sif yeah that might work, just wanted to give you a heads up on how they treated me in that situation so if they do something like that to you, it doesn't blind side you

    • Sif

      @Eddie Condo I mean if they try to pull that crap I'll reach out to support since I never signed any agreement for gamepass to begin with. They should eat their own mistake.

    • Eddie Condo
      Eddie Condo

      Careful. People gonna say enjoy it but when they catch it they'll lock your account down until you pay it. My accounts locked down on my xbox until I pay back 31.98. Can't even get xbox live on it again, just pops up a notice to pay of my balance first. If they catch you, a work around is make a fake account, buy it game pass ultimate for a month for $1 then make the xbox the home xbox for the account. Itll give your main account xbox live and gamepass, but as soon as it runs out you gotta do it over again

    • Sif

      @Duvay Cruz I mean I am, was able to play through Gears 4 on the weekend :)

    • Duvay Cruz
      Duvay Cruz

      Enjoy it

  • Callum Appleton
    Callum Appleton

    I’ve been doing this since day 1 lol why did you make this video xD

  • Crimson Rowlet
    Crimson Rowlet

    “I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass”

  • xitz prodigy
    xitz prodigy

    i kinda hate that they fixed this i was using my old game pass games for almost a year without rebuying it

  • Waumboll

    I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass

  • AzizDerTürke 7269
    AzizDerTürke 7269

    “I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass”

  • Naturally Bad Gamer
    Naturally Bad Gamer

    but if me and my girlfriend live together, and we have our own pc, then why should I pay twice? I get there should be family sharing, but there isnt and microsoft isnt interested in doing that.

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Could someone let me use their account plsss I have no friends

  • Ádám Török
    Ádám Török

    Is it works on xbox?

  • NLgamer2000

    it doesnt work anymore?

  • Riana Jasmin
    Riana Jasmin

    Does this only work on PC or does it work on the actual xbox or mobile?

  • justagamingfan

    i just wonder what if i uninstall the games like i can keep them as long as they are installed wich is nice but like bruh i dont wanna have them in my pc forever so can i put them on a usb and pop them back into my pc ready to play orr?

  • Kush Coma
    Kush Coma

    I've done this. I thought this was game sharing? Is this illegal?

  • Scarlett Caelin
    Scarlett Caelin

    I either messed it up big time or it doesn't work anymore. When I try and launch a game it says "looks like you need to renew gold. If your subscription is current, try quitting and relaunching the game"

    • Scarlett Caelin
      Scarlett Caelin

      @acurisur Yeah. I was doing it on pc, which makes the gold error even more confusing

    • acurisur

      It doesn't work on a console. Spiffing Brit did this on Xbox Game Pass for PC which doesn't require gold to work.

  • Triplecast Sleep
    Triplecast Sleep

    *oh boy I cant wait to (il)LEGITIMATELY purchase myself a copy of the MICROSOFT(TM) XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE*

  • geodarkknight27

    Did Microsoft fix this yet? 🤣


    Don't be lost Gill Bates email and password

  • Macify

    for the poor people out their it is fixed, just pirate the singleplayer games if you cant afford it

  • Zack . EXT
    Zack . EXT

    did they just fix it cuz i lost all my games

    • Corey Mocchi
      Corey Mocchi


  • Sofa Inspector
    Sofa Inspector

    Wow 1mbs me in Australia is sad with my 150 kbs on a mobile network because Western Australia is great

  • Shadowz

    Does this work on xbox

  • Emmit Cannady
    Emmit Cannady

    Average Tajikistan enjoyer

  • Will Huddleston
    Will Huddleston

    has this been fixed yet?

  • Kartik Soni
    Kartik Soni

    Its not working for me after 1 month is over it says check your account make sure you are signed into the store

  • IzaCollaims

    Can't wait to buy the xbox game pass

  • DD DD
    DD DD

    I think I did this by an accident. Well, free xbox game pass if it works

  • Psyluxx

    I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass

  • geekqueen2010

    I can't wait to legitimately purchase a xbox game pass!

  • Jodie Cracknell
    Jodie Cracknell

    This is a scam

  • Doctor D
    Doctor D

    Does this still work

  • Dennis Martinez
    Dennis Martinez

    I will buy an Xbox game pass 👍🏾

  • Artistiq recording Studio tv
    Artistiq recording Studio tv

    𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐂𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐬.𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞 is more reliable


    I still prefer 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐂𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐬.𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞 to get this

  • Shocks

    WOW great advice.. im goint to buy this microsoft game pass ultimate right now! thank you spiff :D

  • joe

    still working!!!!!!

  • Bryan Chavez
    Bryan Chavez

    Doesn’t work anyone. Ran out for my secondary account and I could no longer play the games on my main. Still worth it for 1 dollar a month.

    • Bryan Chavez
      Bryan Chavez

      @Douwe Feenstra yup no longer working. Game would crash right after I attempt to open it and prompt me to renew

    • coronavirus

      Tbh just buy a key for 50% off, I mean no money goes to Xbox anyway, if you buy a key

    • coronavirus

      Yes it says you have to renew

    • Douwe Feenstra
      Douwe Feenstra

      So it doesn't work?

  • Noise Intercom
    Noise Intercom

    I can’t wait to BUY the Xbox game pass

    • Douwe Feenstra
      Douwe Feenstra

      Does it still work?

  • Dr Kook
    Dr Kook

    Testing to see if it works with EA play games too

    • Dr Kook
      Dr Kook

      @Douwe Feenstra Ea play don't work but seems to be ok with Forza

    • Douwe Feenstra
      Douwe Feenstra


    • Donte

      @Douwe Feenstra Nah its patched

    • Douwe Feenstra
      Douwe Feenstra

      Does that work?

  • Mookie Johnson
    Mookie Johnson

    Does it still work

    • Douwe Feenstra
      Douwe Feenstra

      Does it?

  • John Galt
    John Galt

    I can’t wait to E

  • Gamingheroez

    Is this patched yet?

    • Douwe Feenstra
      Douwe Feenstra

      Does it?

  • Mario Jose Elizondo Carrillo
    Mario Jose Elizondo Carrillo

    I can't wait to buy the Xbox game pass

  • Michael S.
    Michael S.

    IT IS NOT AN EXPLOIT or BUG, it's a share play feature for family with 1 other person at a time. When main character gamepass runs out, all secondary accounts also get blocked from games. When i bought the gamepass i noticed the same thing but deleted that junk off my PC, it creates an encrypted hidden container which I'm not happy about. Takes loads of space even when empty. However xbox gamepass for xbox alone, that's worth it tbh

  • Kia L. Wilson
    Kia L. Wilson

    I'm 🇺🇸

  • Stefan Grozdanovic
    Stefan Grozdanovic

    Is this patched in april 2021?

  • Elias Oliver
    Elias Oliver

    Did they fix that exploit? It doesn't seem to work with me. A window appears that states that the copy of my game has been deinstalled?

    • OfficialTea Incorporated
      OfficialTea Incorporated

      Sadly, yes

  • Amplefy

    But who wants eckbock games anyways lmao

  • Bhavya Mehta
    Bhavya Mehta

    So here's the thing, I have enough points on Microsoft rewards to redeem the Xbox game pass, *HOWEVER*, I friggin don't have a registered mobile number in any of the countries where the program is accessible since it is required for OTP verification, if someone could help me out here, I would be more than happy to share the Xbox game pass account credentials (it's a burner account so idc)

  • Stellatecar7634

    I payed the one dollar last year and it was supposed to run out in a month but it still has not

  • shubham patade
    shubham patade

    Dude! The hack is whack! But what do I do for fifa20? It doesn't give me an option to login from my other account!

  • sanketh divadkar
    sanketh divadkar

    what about ea play games? any way to keep them permanant?

  • kotel

    EA Play is now also included in the Xbox Game Pass... my god this is so broken

    • Shasha May
      Shasha May

      Does this still work?

  • Mimic ._.
    Mimic ._.

    yoooo this is crazy but “I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass”

  • Caffeine

    You're being robbed 14 dollars if you don't do this microsoft is also being robbed 14 😂

  • ItsNotClash

    “I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass”

  • Lans King
    Lans King

    Guys I can finally confirm. It works. My subscription ended 3 days ago yet I still have every game on my second accuont !

    • Gameplaylike

      Yes they patched it

    • That green Guy
      That green Guy

      @Lans King ok thx for the warning I was just about to do it 😅

    • Lans King
      Lans King

      @That green Guy so you buy it for 1 dollar. you play for a month, you then make a new account, buy it again for a dollar and now u switch to your other account and u can still play from this one with all ur saves

    • Lans King
      Lans King

      @That green Guy No brother dont try it, they patched it. but its still rly worth it for 1 dollar and then u can make a new account and buy it for 1 dollar again and keep yoru saves due to the family share thing

    • That green Guy
      That green Guy

      OK I will try this tomorrow I rly hope it works...

  • gary busey experience
    gary busey experience

    Damn I thought my internet was slow

  • Kirann Bhavaraju
    Kirann Bhavaraju

    This exact thing happened when i logged in to my microsoft office account on my friends pc, (THEY DIDNT but now DO). Guess microsoft repeats this over and over again.

  • Topsy Krets
    Topsy Krets

    The whole process is absurdly tedious. If money is so tight, gaming should be the last luxury ppl should be doing... Making accounts, getting rewards, ehhhh ok, looks fun fun fun! /s

    • Topsy Krets
      Topsy Krets

      @FinalStigma it doesn’t benefit me in the slightest on what ppl do. Whatever label fits me. Do better. Is that more fitting? Is that what i should say? Hey make more emails while your at it. Maybe scam up a free meal from Uber Eats. LOLLLL

    • FinalStigma

      @Topsy Krets ...You know you pretty much just admitted to being a troll, right? Is that the in-thing nowadays?

    • Topsy Krets
      Topsy Krets

      @FinalStigma i knew someone would have a rebuttal from my condescending tone, which was intentional to grab the attention and maybe wake someone up. Clearly its my opinion, saying the process is tedious. If that’s what others prefer to do, finding alternative “free” ways to play games? Good on them. By no means do I intend to discredit the poster for his efforts in figuring out s way. You putting a spin on this situation only bolsters my opinion. If you genuinely enjoy or dont mind going thru these steps to save some money? By all means have at it. Pro tip, use your email to connect a bank/ brokerage account. Or keep running the hamster wheel of “enjoyment.” Doesnt matter to me overall.

    • FinalStigma

      No. If you're working day in and day out 7 days a week, then you must slow down a bit and find time to relax whenever you can or risk mental stress. Some people watch movies or enjoy some of their favourite food. If you would prefer to save unnecessary expenses during your off-time, and gaming is your hobby, then this is absolutely an option.

  • Kersh

    Fixed. Mostly due to people highlighting it. Sometimes you just need to shut up folks

    • Yananas

      yeah today i tried launching game and error popped up "You need to renew your game pass"

  • TheAwesomeGamerminer

    I can't wait to buy the gamepass!!!

  • Kye King
    Kye King

    There is a version for the xbox itself, but xbox calls it a feature with the limitation of having the account with gamepass signed in and having the xbox set as that accounts home xbox XD

  • Snipez522NL

    Still works?

    • EireNero


  • Marcus

    Did they patch it it's not working I tried it today

  • Erel

    Does it still work?

  • Caiden Putter
    Caiden Putter

    well shit i think it is patched because i can't access state of decay



    • Milo G
      Milo G

      its not fake you're just really late lol



    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando

      No u

  • FramedSole34234

    you can actually do this for any game anyone has bought, you can share any game any amount of times with any amount of people, its kinda wild, been like that forever, long as one person owns the game, everyone can

  • Gaming With Redwan
    Gaming With Redwan

    I still have to pay 1$ it’s not free change the title please Edit: and I don’t have access to Microsoft rewards where I live 😫

    • FinalStigma

      @That green Guy Don't know. Best to check it for yourself, just in case it varies from region to region.

    • That green Guy
      That green Guy

      @FinalStigma But how much time does Xbox give you to refund exactly? 14 days?

    • FinalStigma

      Are you kidding or did you miss the tips shared by people in the comments? Just sub and then ask for a refund after you've installed the games you want to play. Don't tell m,e refund isn't available where you live either.

  • Paater Damiaan
    Paater Damiaan

    does it still work

    • Okan

      It doesn't its fixed

  • Dave

    Pretty sure it's patched. Sure you can still log in with other accounts, but as soon as it runs out, no one can access it anymore.

  • Samuel Schultz
    Samuel Schultz

    I think they fixed it, i cant access the games even though they are installed

    • Elias Oliver
      Elias Oliver

      Same :(

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ρόγκας
    Κωνσταντίνος Ρόγκας

    I can wait to buy this game

  • Mikkel Susgaard Nielsen
    Mikkel Susgaard Nielsen

    I can’t wait to LEGITIMATELY buy the game pass

  • TheRedHood

    This isn't an exploit, it's uses the in app feature called offline permission. Which allows you to play games to play offline.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Was this patched?

    • Jonas Berg
      Jonas Berg

      It is ineed an exploit (not the same as family sharing), and sadly yes it has bean patched

    • Jason Truong
      Jason Truong

      It isn’t an exploit, it’s an in app feature

  • W W
    W W

    Does not work. Once trial runs out...games are on the pc but not playable

  • Krepes

    Does it still work ?

    • Yananas


  • Carl Brown
    Carl Brown

    I hate exploits like this, and will only buy the X-Box game pass with my own hard earned cash.

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