Steam has been established as the best games launcher for many years now. We use it to buy and play the top steam games. Right now they are hosting the really fun steam game festival to celebrate the best games on steam! Every year we spend thousands on the steam summer sale and then again on the steam winter sale. Steam sales are iconic and legendary however what if you could get a huge amount of games via the temporary subscription of EA play for just $1 then cancel that subscription and keep them forever? Well that doesnt seem very fair or perfectly balanced. Heck if thats possible you could even start an unlimited steam key farming operation and sell the keys for profit on G2A!!! Well This time Gaben and valve came up with the great idea of allowing users to take their EA play games on steam and get a FREE permeant origin key for them! So sit back and relax to find out Why The Steam EA Play sale IS BROKEN and why steam is a perfectly balanced website with no exploits beyond infinite unlimited free game keys.
What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.
So sit back relax and enjoy this Steam Exploit! How on earth can one english bugger beat steam itself and gain unlimited keys whilst gaining money!!
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Title: UNLIMITED STEAM KEY FARMING WITH EA PLAY IS BROKEN - Steam Is Perfectly Balanced With No Exploits
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *Well I had a good run on youtube but I just made 4 grand from selling 2000 copies of spore so its time for me to retire....* Jesus christ steam is broken... So what are you going to do with your 100 copies of spore??? And Its fixed

    • The Nj Velladrome
      The Nj Velladrome

      wait wtf XD how have i not seen this!

    • - Slinger -
      - Slinger -

      I'll have you know I've owned Peggle since Dec 2010 tyvm. I should really finish it one of these days...

    • Ozzylep Unknown
      Ozzylep Unknown

      You are a generous man for showing us your ways

    • Brody Sanchez
      Brody Sanchez

      Oh no so i missed it :(

    • Snack

      Man why do they always fix the money exploits before I get told about them... Not worrying about money for a month or two sounds fucking great. :(

  • ismail abdelazim
    ismail abdelazim

    I hate myself for kinda wanting to make money off this

  • Snowwy Bon
    Snowwy Bon

    I wish i saw this video 2 months ago..

  • Allen

    peggle is actually s tier video game

  • Racr

    is this patched?

    • Mtwpl


  • The Arbiter
    The Arbiter

    Great, I wasted 20 dollars on spore and can't register it. Fuck you.

    • The Arbiter
      The Arbiter

      @Crusage Sorry, I was in a bad mood when I commented, here's what I meant; Spore's steam account system is messed up, meaning you have to get it on origin. Spore's CD Key was removed though, so you cannot do this anymore.

    • Crusage

      It literally says in the pinned comment its patched. And its 2 months old video so of course its patched.

  • Dboy 1200
    Dboy 1200

    Does this work for Battlefront 2?

  • INSPaKhEeY

    u didn't play the game :(

  • Bene

    Very entertaining guy :D

  • Big Words
    Big Words

    what is your problem? Peggle is sick

  • Asternshelf24

    Is this patched. I mean it's bad but it's the EA.

  • numlox

    Is it patched?

    • Siim

      Yes, its said in the pinned comment

  • Ben jung
    Ben jung

    This is not the Jedi way

  • Super Kirby
    Super Kirby

    This was randomly in a playlist called "The unholy trilogy of garbage fictional youtube characters" by foekoe I'm assuming it was added on acident.

  • speedbuildsss

    Were is my peggle deluxe

  • ThE MaN WhO SpEaKs iN hAnDs
    ThE MaN WhO SpEaKs iN hAnDs

    Two questions, will this get you banned? And second, it still works?

  • Steven AGAGaA
    Steven AGAGaA

    Why is this in foekoe's playlist

  • CVE 1 Abd elrahman Mohmed Yassin Abdul azim
    CVE 1 Abd elrahman Mohmed Yassin Abdul azim

    actully it is tooo funny i reported this for valv but they just replay to me that omg it doesn't look like an issue .if u found a real threat u can post . fkking valv xD

  • Mr Easy
    Mr Easy

    Foekoe is watching some weird stuff

    • Super Kirby
      Super Kirby

      Wow I'm not the only one who noticed?

  • Lola


  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell

    "It's God damn Peggle Deluxe!" You're fucking god damn right it's Peggle Deluxe! That's worth the price of an annual EA Play pass in itself -- if only you weren't able to finish it within a single week. xD

  • geekqueen2010

    *cries in poverty and being too late*

  • sixtyFive Watts
    sixtyFive Watts

    there are no games i want to play on EA play

  • RoQway

    I got tabs for free when it came out ok Steam by putting the beta into my steam library it stayed there and steam gave me the steam version

  • Nrithik adhyan Reddy
    Nrithik adhyan Reddy

    nerf this dude

  • Zare

    Omg amazing

  • Garnet McDonald
    Garnet McDonald

    Does this still work? or did that patch this?

  • Denis1902

    does it still work?

  • hullabeluga

    ah of course this video is in the playlist titled *The unholy triolgy of garbage fictinal ALgone characters*

  • Cryptic Gamer
    Cryptic Gamer

    Is it fixed?

  • Ahmed Alkalesh
    Ahmed Alkalesh

    fuck this shit. i think they just fixed it xdd

  • le cancer
    le cancer

    Found this EXACTLY after i canceled my ea play :/

  • matty freeman
    matty freeman

    how do i get a cd code cause i did the same thing he did but cd not here why?

  • Slixz

    Yes the exploit still work but unfortunately the price went up for EA from 1$ to 5$

  • anden

    Finally a IRL ROSEBUD.

  • Big Chungo
    Big Chungo

    Ffs I never see these in time

    • DeanFN


  • Jordan Church
    Jordan Church

    try refunding the games back to your card :D

  • Fart Man Gaming
    Fart Man Gaming

    peggle deluxe is really good actually

  • Phil Kiner
    Phil Kiner

    Yeah, but who is buying origin keys?

  • Марк Пронин
    Марк Пронин

    Does it still work?

  • Haseeb Sultan
    Haseeb Sultan

    This still works?

  • Shkelqim Koka
    Shkelqim Koka

    Well i wasted my 3.99€ for a monthly subscription which that with cd keys is fixed and now i have all that EA games for nothing cuz i dont have pc... nice✌

    • Waldii


  • Dwonis

    They probably didn't notice because it involves two companies' systems talking to each other, and there was a miscommunication about how it's supposed to work.

  • Soviet Anatoli
    Soviet Anatoli

    Bruh it for patched

  • Torus

    is this fixed?

  • Tawna Bandicoot
    Tawna Bandicoot

    yo i just bought spore on steam like 10 mins ago wtf man ur a literal asshole for this

    • The Most Average Gamer
      The Most Average Gamer

      They fixed it

  • Magic Wandson
    Magic Wandson

    Where can I collect my copy of Peggle: Delux?

  • masons alt
    masons alt

    EA play more like EA pay.

  • Sul2004

    Like what all the others are asking.... DOES THIS STILL WORK??

  • Different Shits Online
    Different Shits Online

    Does this shit still work???

  • Yung wrath the don
    Yung wrath the don

    Gimme a copy of spore

    • RandomLjub

      I will give u when i do this ma men

  • Jorge Ferreira
    Jorge Ferreira

    is this already fixed? or i still can use this method?

    • Dark Wacha
      Dark Wacha

      I would like to know too

  • Waluigi Y am I not in Smash D:
    Waluigi Y am I not in Smash D:

    I hate you. I’m trying to see other players creations in spore but you people ruined it!

    • Ryan Kreidermacher
      Ryan Kreidermacher


  • Iulian Istrate
    Iulian Istrate

    This still fucking work?

  • manowarawp208 f
    manowarawp208 f

    bro is it patched or does it still work

  • Wanna be Alternative
    Wanna be Alternative

    Does it still work

  • Gezpy

    Have it ben fixed??

  • Mr Sown
    Mr Sown

    too late steam already up to date lol

  • Shaun Buys
    Shaun Buys

    Wow and I just got ea play from. Microsoft store is steam. The only way to get the product keys

  • Lucte

    does it still work?

  • Crazygamze :D
    Crazygamze :D

    Does this still work😂😂

  • Pocjwok Lual
    Pocjwok Lual

    Does this still work😳

  • MerdekA Gaming
    MerdekA Gaming

    Hi Spiffing Brit....I was trying your method but it aint working anymore. Since you farmed cd keys. Can you sell me BF4 Ultimate edition legit key for 50% discount? please.

    • yull

      add all the games to your library and refund the the pass i’m currently refunding and it says i have 100$ pending hopefully this works

  • Aiden Walters
    Aiden Walters

    Where is Paggl dulux

  • Dan X
    Dan X

    Shhh, it’s free real estate

  • Mizz Monica
    Mizz Monica

    I just made 200$ holy God, why isn't this fixed. It's still not fixed what the hell

  • Kalle Van Schagen
    Kalle Van Schagen

    does this still work

  • ScorpionP2C

    I might say, Hey thats not fair! but valve suckered me with Artifact and its also EA so uhhh yeah... seems legit.

  • Nine Tailed Fox Lieutenant [Redacted]
    Nine Tailed Fox Lieutenant [Redacted]

    Enjoy your VACation

  • TRX_Ally Lillith
    TRX_Ally Lillith

    have they patched this gta v money glitch yet?

  • Rodrigo Andrade
    Rodrigo Andrade

    Wow, imagine not commenting "Steam is perfectly balanced". This is 100% going to end up on trending.

  • Horatio yen
    Horatio yen

    it got fixed

  • Sarthak Umare
    Sarthak Umare

    Oh no... It's fixed now

  • **nothing**

    Now, this is stonks.

  • Techtonic

    He uploaded this video on my birthday, and this was actually the first time I’ve gotten what I actually wanted for my Bday, thanks for the great present Spiff!

  • Juan Traverso
    Juan Traverso


  • GreekSonOfZeus

    Does it work ?

  • CodeOfficial


  • Warrior Crab
    Warrior Crab

    Please don't send me Peggle, I liked the video before I knew what I was getting myself into.

  • Mikkel Madsen
    Mikkel Madsen


  • Knight

    does this still work to this day?

    • exyi

      Well what do you think?

    • Prophet of regret
      Prophet of regret


  • Maussiegamer

    damn i discovered ur channel too late, wouldve loved to get those classics

  • OLD Gamer
    OLD Gamer

    Is this still working?!

  • Franz Pattison
    Franz Pattison

    Lol how are you not being sued into a fine red mush?

  • ライホウット

    does it still work now?

  • Thenix

    Why bully peggle like that 🥺

  • Ysl Draco
    Ysl Draco

    gimme peggle deluxe or gay

  • Rocky Gains
    Rocky Gains

    This guy is a legend imagine if I had known about this before it got fixed man

  • Jerry Lehane
    Jerry Lehane

    does this work with the Pringles game pass thing? ah it's fixed... ignore me

  • Richard Zorola
    Richard Zorola

    Lol, they have to have fixed this by now

    • Machadão

      Did they?

  • Isaac Trockman
    Isaac Trockman

    are yall ignoring that email address he used? how did he get that? you could totally impersonate the real todd howard with that and do some *real irl exploits*

  • Tanya Markova
    Tanya Markova


  • Fat Smoker
    Fat Smoker

    it's not working

  • bhoplife2k

    Fixed ????

  • Jasper Van de Velde
    Jasper Van de Velde

    still working?

  • Rex548

    I know another way to farm money for free, SPEND MILLIONS OF HOURS ON PAYDAY AND SELL ALL OF YOUR WEAPON SKINS FOR .03$

  • Andrax

    For... Äh I don't know.

  • Dubz Da Skrub
    Dubz Da Skrub

    Does this still work lol?

    • Everyone Dies
      Everyone Dies

      Nope, just tried it

  • murdock dacoon
    murdock dacoon

    but can I get a key for sse? no really, I need a key for skyrim se so i can get the latest updates off of steam so my mods will work on my pirated copy of sse...

  • Sajjad Hussain
    Sajjad Hussain

    Is this fixed?

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